My Pack of Protectors

Scarlett Hanson is new to Beacon Hills, she's only been around for a month or so. Now she's a target, and she's got some pretty awesome bodyguards. But she doesn't know what is targeting her, or why her in the first place. Will she fall for one of her bodyguards? Does she learn what is targeting her? Of all places to move, why Beacon Hills?


9. Oh....

After I'd questioned them all on why they were here, how they knew each other and why they never told me they all knew each other, the last one more directed at Aidan and Ethan, they'd explained. The boys were all werewolves, the girl called Allison was a werewolf hunter and the girl called Lydia was a banshee. Stiles, like me, was human. Nothing special about him. 

I was quick to accept, understand and get over the fact that most of the people I'd met recently weren't human, with the exception of Stiles, and that none of them had bothered to tell me, though that last bit was directed more at Aidan and Ethan, again. 

"So were those animals in the woods that attacked me not human either?" I asked them, not really sure who to ask more directly. 

"What animals that attacked you?" Scott asked. 

"These animals, I couldn't see them because it was dark, but they were four legged animals for sure. They attacked me and left gouges down my arms, legs and torso. If it hadn't been for Derek hearing me scream and calling the animals away, I probably would have been eaten or bled out." I explained. 

"I don't know if they were just doing it out of instinct or it was a supernatural phenomena. I howled and they backed away, running in the opposite direction I was. Whether they were shape-shifters intruding on territory or just any old animal running from a potentially bigger predator, I'm not sure. I didn't see them, just knew Scarlett was in trouble. She can't see in the dark, I can but didn't see them." Derek helped explain. 

"Maybe they were some sort of shape-shifter. But if they were, they would target her for a reason, right?" Scott asked.

"That's just great, another problem to deal with." Stiles said, sounding like the idea was the worst thing to ever happen to him. 

"No, they could have just targeted her because she was alone in the woods." Derek replied. "If you didn't know where you were going, you could have asked me to get you out of the woods." To me. 

"Oh, well, yunno. You were making fun of me and I figured you had better things to do." I looked down at my lap. 

I heard him laugh. My cheeks burned. 

"If they are shape-shifters, let's just say for a minute they are, why go after her?" Scott asked the group.

"Maybe she was just alone in the woods." Allison added. 

"Or she was specifically targeted." Lydia again added. 

"Not helping me feel any better about being attacked here..." I said. 

"So for the moment, these are shape-shifters we're dealing with. How do we get rid of them? And why attack Scarlett? If these are shape-shifters, they wouldn't just attack her because she was in the woods. There would have to be a reason, they would have had to know she would be in the woods." Ethan said, and Aidan sat next to me. 

"Maybe something happened before she moved here. Or maybe she's not human, like she's claiming." Isaac offered. 

"I think I would know if I wasn't human." I said. "And I positive I'm human." 

"I thought I was human..." Lydia said, fixing me with a blank look. 

"Okay fine. How do we see if I'm human or not?" I asked everyone.

"Well you aren't a werewolf, you would have started healing right away and," Aidan peeled back the bandage on my arm closest to him, then continued. "You wouldn't have scars." 

"You've never had states where you don't remember anything, and next thing you know, it's hours later, minutes?" Derek asked. 

"No," I answered. "Unless you mean like when I fall asleep and the next thing I know I open my eyes and its morning, but I'm still in my bed..." 

"No, not like that." 

"Have you ever found a dead body?" Lydia asked. 

"What? No!" I exclaimed, horrified at the thought. 

They looked at Allison. Who shrugged. "I don't know guys, I think she's clean." 

So I'm human, big deal. But why was I attacked?

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