My Pack of Protectors

Scarlett Hanson is new to Beacon Hills, she's only been around for a month or so. Now she's a target, and she's got some pretty awesome bodyguards. But she doesn't know what is targeting her, or why her in the first place. Will she fall for one of her bodyguards? Does she learn what is targeting her? Of all places to move, why Beacon Hills?


14. Leaving

I woke up, no nightmare, and instead of Derek occupying one chair, the twins were there, occupying two chairs. I smiled and and sat up, making them notice I was awake. 

"Scarlett!" Ethan said. You're awake. Derek told us you were taking a nap but not to wake you even though you'd said it was just a quick nap." 

"Yeah, I noticed." I licked my dry lips and winced as I moved the wrong way and stretched the stitches. 

"You alright?" Aidan asked. 

"Yeah, just moved the wrong way." I sat up carefully as Melissa came in. 

"They want to check on your stitches, okay?" She said and I nodded. 

The doctor came in and checked my stitches, saying they were fine, then he took them out and said I'd have to stay here for only a few more hours, to be sure the wounds healed on their own, without the stitches and then I'd be allowed to go home. Finally. 

The twins and I discussed what happened, I told them more about Giselle, and we talked about other stuff, I told them about my nightmare, and they told me it wasn't real. 

So pretty much the same thing Scott and Isaac had told me. 

When the doctor came back to check up on me, everything was good, and I was allowed to go home. So that's what I did. Aidan and Ethan took me home, where I found my parents out front loading bags into their car. 

I immediately hopped off the back of Aidan's motorcycle and rushed over. "Where are you going?" I demanded. 

"Oh, Scarlett, dear." My mom said. "Where have you been?" 

"I stayed at a friends house.... Where are you guys going?" I asked again as my dad loaded another bag into the car. "With so much stuff?" 

"A little vacation..." My mom said. 

"We'll only be gone for a couple of weeks, we've left food in the fridge for you." My dad said, closing the trunk. 


"Just down south, I'm not sure where exactly." My mom continued as they moved to the front of the car. I followed. 

"Since when? Why didn't you tell me?" 

"Two days ago. If you'd answered my calls and texts, you would have known and gotten to come with us but you weren't, sorry dear." My mom got into the car and rolled down the window. "I love you, Scarlett, see you soon." They backed out of the driveway and drove off. 

I checked my phone and sure enough, more than a dozen texts from both my parents and more than a dozen missed calls. Huh. 

The twins came over and I lead them into the house. 

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