My Pack of Protectors

Scarlett Hanson is new to Beacon Hills, she's only been around for a month or so. Now she's a target, and she's got some pretty awesome bodyguards. But she doesn't know what is targeting her, or why her in the first place. Will she fall for one of her bodyguards? Does she learn what is targeting her? Of all places to move, why Beacon Hills?


11. Fresh Air Isn't Safe

The claws raked down my body, jaws clamping down on my flesh and pulling, ripping. I screamed, but no one came to my rescue this time. No Derek to save the day. Slowly, I was losing my grip on the world. Soon, I wouldn't be able to hold on. Soon, I would die. 

But then I was sitting up in Isaac's bed. Sweat clinging to my skin, to my scars, chilling me to the bone. My nightmare still fresh in my mind. I needed air. 

I grabbed my sweater and pulled it on, and slipped my feet into my slippers and stood up, walked to the door, left the room and entered the hallway, heading downstairs where I stepped out onto the back porch, letting the cold air clear my mind and calm me down. 

It was just a nightmare, I told myself, it didn't really happen. Derek did come to save you. I kept reassuring myself as the cold, fresh air calmed me down. I closed my eyes, telling myself that nothing bad could happen, not with two werewolves in the house. They would hear me scream if anything happened. 

A deep, throaty growl caused me to open my eyes with a start. They were back. They'd found me. I was being targeted. Their glowing yellow eyes stared at me and I turned and opened the door. 

But I wasn't fast enough. It scratched my ankle, I screamed, it pushed me to the ground, I screamed again. It snarled at me, it's snout centimetres from my face, its eyes staring into mine. I couldn't scream again, its claws dug into my skin and I winced. 

Then it was gone and two figures were standing in front of me, crouching, claws protruding from their human fingers, curly blonde hair on one, and messy brown on the other. Isaac and Scott. I saw the animals retreat from under their legs. 

I managed to turn over and get up, and run into the house. I curled into a ball against the wall, pulling my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs. I watched, wide-eyed as Isaac and Scott backed slowly to the door, closing it in front of them. They didn't take their eyes off the animals till the door was closed and they couldn't get in. Only then did the boys turn to me. 

"Scarlett, are you alright?" Scott asked. Tears had begun to pour down my face and I could only shake my head. 

"Scott," Isaac said, "she's bleeding. It got her again." 

"I'll go get my mom." He said and hurried off. 

"Scarlett?" Isaac prompted, trying to get me to uncurl. "It's alright, they can't get you in here." 

Shaking, l looked up at him, and uncurled, but only to throw myself my him, needing an embrace, crying into his shoulder. 

I seem to have shocked him, because it took him a moment to wrap his arms around me as well, holding me close, comforting me, rubbing my back. Only letting go when Melissa got back and had me take off my sweater so she could get a better look at my wounds. 

"Well, it seems to have gotten you right where it did last time, and if you aren't careful, you could tear them open, as they haven't fully healed yet." She told me, and said that in the morning, she would take me to the hospital to get re-stitched. 

She sent Scott to go get some of her supplies, so she could cover the wounds on my legs and chest. I tried to control my sniffling but it was hard, I was in danger, and not only that, but whatever is attacking me, knows how to find me wherever I go. I'll never be safe. 

When Melissa had gone back to bed, I turned to the boys. "I saw what it was." I told them. "This time I saw what it was. It looked me right in the eyes." I sniffled again, and more tears poured down my cheeks. 

"What? What was it?" Scott demanded. 

I sniffled again, and Issac wrapped his arms around me. "It was a wolf. It had glowing yellow eyes. And I know who it is. It's a girl from my old school, before I moved here." 

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