My Pack of Protectors

Scarlett Hanson is new to Beacon Hills, she's only been around for a month or so. Now she's a target, and she's got some pretty awesome bodyguards. But she doesn't know what is targeting her, or why her in the first place. Will she fall for one of her bodyguards? Does she learn what is targeting her? Of all places to move, why Beacon Hills?


20. Days

My head swayed a bit as I came around, blinking open my eyes to only hazy images of a room. I couldn't tell what kind of room because I was still hazy. My arms were held down and so were my legs. As far as I could tell, I was sitting in a chair that I'd been tied to. 

I struggled against the ropes as my vision became clear. They weren't giving way at all and I was starting to feel the rope burn around my wrists and ankles. Tears gathered in my eyes as I realized that if I hadn't wanted to get home and change and... I wouldn't have been taken. Its all my fault and if Giselle was smart enough, I would be somewhere that isn't easy to find. They'd kill me before the boys got wind of where I was. The tears leaked down my cheeks as I sucked in a breath. 

"Oh, Lettie, Lettie, Lettie. Crying won't get you anywhere." Giselle's voice echoed around me like a church bell echoing around a town. 

"You of all people should know that, Elly. You're the one who cried over Marc Johnson for a week." I growled. She was not going to get to me. 

"That was then. Before I got bitten. You witnessed the change." She chimed, and I felt her presence behind me. 

"Yeah. But why did you have to be so mean? You know that you're the reason I left. The reason that I couldn't make any friends. You gave me trust issues and made me feel like I was worthless. You gave me every reason to hate myself and I didn't. I realized who you were know and got over it. That didn't help my trust issues though..."  More tears leaked down my cheeks and she came around in front of me. "It's all your fault!" I screamed at her, pulling my arms against the ropes. 

She sighed and shook her head. "They will find me. It's only been a couple of hours, they will find me eventually!" I screamed. 

"Lettie dear, it's been three days. They aren't going to find you." She stared at me like I was a little child. 

"Three days?" I asked, my chest rising and falling as my breathing sped up and I started to hyperventilate. No, if they hadn't found me in three days, I don't think they ever will. 

"Yes, Lettie. Three days. Your little friends aren't going to find you." She taunted and stepped closer, claws popping out from her fingers just as Isaac and Scott could. I sucked in breath and closed my eyes, expecting the worst. 

Pain cut down the side of my face in a row of three, cutting through my hairline and eyebrow and extremely close to my eye. I kept my face turned, hoping that the blood wouldn't get in my eye. Her claws cut off from my chin and I kept my eyes shut, the pain growing. 

"Get away from her!" A voice screamed and I heard Giselle laugh. 

Grunts and growls and moans of pain that weren't mine sounded for close to five minutes before I peeled my eyes open and gasped. Isaac, Scott, Aidan, Ethan and Derek were all there, fighting some men that I didn't recognize, arrows flying down from above and I saw Allison on a ledge above with her bow, letting arrows fly. Giselle's copper-red hair was no where to be seen. She'd escaped. No, no, no. 

"Scarlett?" Stiles. That's the voice. It was Stiles.

"Stiles?" I asked. 

"Yeah, are you alright?" He appeared in front of me and I couldn't help but smile, he was going to rescue me and get me out of here alive. His warm hands reached my wrist and the ropes came loose. I shook my head and he moved to my ankle and the ropes came off. He continued to untie the ropes and I instantly remembered that I'd never gotten to put my pants on and I was in an even shorter shirt than before, my cheeks burned as he let the last ropes fall of my wrist. 

"Scarlett, you're going to be fine." Stiles assured me and grabbed my and carried me out of the building I'd been held in, and set me in his jeep, then went around to the drivers side and we sped out of the lot and down the street. I raised a shaky hand and wiped the blood away from my eye, my breath shaking and wincing every time I hit a sore spot accidently. 

We pulled into an industrial looking building and Stiles helped me inside and I didn't really pay any attention to where we were going till Stiles pulled open a metal door and inside was what looked like a loft and Lydia came up to me and helped Stiles carry me to a bed where I layed down and my hand went to the fresh cuts on my face and knew they would turn into scars and again, I know I'd never be able to go out in public without people gawking at it. 

Lydia left to go check on something she was cooking and left Stiles and I alone. More tears leaked from my eyes as Stiles went to go get a cloth to wipe up the blood. I wiped the tears away as he came back and sat next to me, and cautiously and lightly wiped at the cuts, apologizing in a soft voice every time I winced. He even wiped away any stray tears that fell.  

"There, all cleaned up." He smiled and set the cloth aside. 

"Thank you, Stiles. For getting me out of there, and for finding me. Knowing you, it was you who found out my location. I probably would have died in there if it weren't for you." I told him. "I've never felt like there's been anyone who I automatically got along with. And you're exactly that. Giselle was the first, but you saw where that went. You wouldn't do that to me would you?" 

"No, of course not. I don't think I could." He smiled and laughed, which I returned both of. 

I hugged him tightly and he returned it after a moment. I seem to be good at surprising the boys. I guess they aren't used to girls who are like this. Willing to hug you if they wanted to. But I know it's worth it. They trust me and thats what I needed. People who trusted me, because if they trusted me I could trust them and that's what I desperately needed. Thanks to Giselle, trust for me was hard to come by. Knowing they were going to be there for me was something that felt good.

Stiles let go and I sat back, smiling at him. "Stiles?" I asked, as he was staring at me in a rather peculiar way. As if something about me that was different had occurred to him. I leaned closer to him. "Stiles? Are you alright? Is there something on my face, besides the new cuts?" 

"No, it's..." He trailed off and his warm fingers grazed down the side of my face that wasn't covered in fresh cuts, and when his fingers reached my chin, they tucked underneath it and pulled my face towards his and pressed his lips gently against mine, careful as though afraid he might hurt me. My heart pounded a little harder and I kissed back allowing him to push me backwards onto the bed. 

We separated so he could adjust himself. "Close the door." I whispered. 

"You do realize we're here with werewolves, right? Locking the door won't mean anything if they could just break down the door." He laughed and I smacked him. 

"Just do it. Lydia and Allison will understand." I told him and he rolled his eyes and did as I asked. 

I pulled him into a kiss as he came back and he gladly kissed me back, letting me revel in the feelings that flowed through me, not making any moves to push further, letting me make the next move. And when I did, he didn't stop me. 

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