Not Your Fairy Tale Princess.

Ariel was always not liked by society. But when her friends, Treven and Lucas start to fight over her, what will she do?


1. |Chapter One|

I walked out of my house, sighing as slung my bag over my shoulder. I checked my phone, seeing the time. He was late. He being Joey . And Joey being a late ass mother fucker. "God dammit Joey." I mumbled, sliding my phone in my pocket, as I moved my bangs out of my eyes. "What? Did I do something wrong?" Joey asked all defensive as he walked up behind me. "Well you should've gotten here earlier for starters." I smirked. He swung an arm around my shoulders as we walked down the sidewalk. "Thank god it's March right." He said. "Yes, school will be over and then we have the rest of our lives ahead of us!" I yelled, twirling around in front of him then walking backwards. "Your that happy to be a young adult?" He asked. "Hell yes! After graduation I'm moving in with Lucas!" I screamed as he laughed. 

Lucas as is our 21 year old friend, he's like one of my best guy friends ever and once I graduate he's letting eye move in with him, making me so excited. 

"You guys forgot me! You assholes!" Logan huffed, coming up behind Joey making me laugh. "Not my fault!" I said as we all started walking again. We got to school and saw Sam waiting for us at the steps, where "kids like us" sit. Meaning the "emo" people of the school. I don't really mind anymore though. We sat down next to him as the preps rolled in with their cars and letter jackets and.. Ew. I just stayed, waiting for the. Bell to ring. The preps walked past us, glaring at us as I rolled my eyes at them as they all went inside. "Well, I'm ditching some time today." Treven stated. "I'll come." We all said in unison. The bell rang and we waited for everyone to pass before we went inside. My locker was all the way upstairs away from my buddies. I grabbed my texts books and started walking to class. 

"Ms. Franklin, your late." My math teacher barked. "Oh well. Put it on my record or whatever." I shrugged, taking my seat in the back, next to Sa,, who wasn't here. Soon enough Sam showed up and ran in the back with me. "What did I miss?" He asked. "Just her being boring. As always." I whispered. He chuckled and pulled my desk next to his when the teacher said 'partner up' our desks were fulling together as he got out his math book, it was damaged, and there were high chances he had weed in there. Which I was right. "Oops." He snickered, putting his book down. I pulled out mine, putting it up in front of us as we pulled out our phones. I was on tumblr, he was on Facebook. 

"Hey, I'm here for Steven and Ariel." We heard a familiar voice say. "Ms. Franklin, Mr. Bonnet, your being dismissed." Our teacher sighed as we looked up. "BOO BEAR!" I yelled, getting up and running to him, jumping on him and wrapping my legs around his waist. "Hey there Ari." He laughed. Sam grabbed our stuff as I jumped off of Lucas. Everybody was staring at us as I laughed. "Ha, suckers." I smiled as I grabbed my bag, and we all walked out. "Which kind of note did you forge this time?" I asked. "The old, family member sick." Lucas stated. "Can you make us ditch the rest of the week?" I asked as we walked out to the parking lot. "Do you two have enough credits to graduate?" Lucas smirked. "Yes, dad." I huffed. "No. Don't call me your dad. That would be weird." Luke stated. "True." I laughed. All the boys were already in the car. I guess we were all planning to stay at Luke's all week because I just guessed. Plus we all have clothes, and tooth brushes and shit at his house because we all practically live there when we're not at our normal homes. 

The he boys went straight to the kitchen, getting the beer then lighting a joint and passing it around. I sat on the floor, being a loser and doing homework. "Hey! That's not allowed in here!" Sam yelled, taking away my textbook. I crossed my arms and stood up, making my way to the kitchen. Luke followed me and wrapped his arms around me. "Your staying in my bed with me tonight right?" He asked, resting his head on my shoulder. I loved his hugs from the back. "Maybe. Do we get to cuddle?" I smirked. "Yes." He said, kissing the side of my head. "Then, of course." I said, turning around. 

The he rest of the day, the boys were getting high and drunk,while Luke and I stayed sober. We put them in there rooms where they stay and then Luke and I went into his room. He striped down into his boxers as always as I grabbed one of Luke's BOTDF (Blood On The Dance Floor) shirts and a pair of his boxers from his drawer then crawled into bed next to him. I turned the opposite way, turning off the light as he pulled me into him. I rested my head on his chest as he soothingly rubbed my arm. "Goodnight Ari." He whispered in my ear. "Goodnight Lucas." I smiled as he kissed my forehead. 

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