My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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6. The Night with Niall


     After a lovley day with Niall he drove me back and I thanked him for such a lovley day. We arrived to my home and niall told me that he'll open the door i just smiled and nodded my head. My door opended and showed Niall with his hand out so he could help me out. "thank you again Niall". I said. Once i got out he closed the door and we still had our hands locked. All I could think is that 'does niall like me'? When we got to my front door i saw the lights off .

   I cheeked the time in my phone I unlocked it and it showed 10:37. My eyes grew wide and looked at Niall which his face was written all confusion and one of his eye brows up. I unlocked my phone and showed him "what'? he said " its past 10 my parents are going to get mad at me Niall'. I said while locking my phone and putting it in my back pocket. I opened the door and told Niall if he wants to come in he nodded his for a response. I grabbed his hand and grabbed it tightly I signaled him that I was nervous . "its okay Alice there not going to get mad, 'll find an excuse ill be right here okay". he told me and he some how made me feel like I was comfort.

  I walked to my parents door and I knocked. My mum opened the door, I could tell that she was sleeping cause she looked half a sleep "Alice"! she said loudly "where the hell were you I was worried sick me and your father"! She looked at me " I'm sorry mum I was with my friends, I lost track of time and told them that I had to leave, it wont happen again. She immediately wondered why Niall was in back of me she looked at me. A way to tell her who the boy is . "Oh, yea, mum this is Niall I bumped into him a week ago and we started talking and we are really good friends." I told her. She put out her hand to shake his hand "hi honey im scarlet , stay as long as you want if you want you can spend a night". I was surprised cause she never said that "thank you scarlet". Niall said like a gentlemen. "well I got to sleep now see you in the morning". she said while closing the door . I turned to Niall ."your staying right Niall "? I said with a smirk "I don't know Alice, let cheek in with the boys". he said while getting his phone and unlocking it ."you don't need to do that " I said while putting his phone down . A smirk was in his face, 'what the fuck was that Alice'?! I told myself 'am I ....' I felt my cheeks kind of heat up 'horny? nah". I grabbed Niall's hand. "are you hungry or want anything to drink"? I turned around to see his response. He nodded "water would be fine" with his beautiful smile showing his white straight teeth, his eyes were as beautiful as the ocean water , his hair was messy.

   I chuckled to my self. "what's so funny"? he said with his beautiful smile showing his teeth. "nothing, your just...". I paused my self and looked at the ground for him not to see the blush in my cheeks . I felt his hand under my chin picking up my chin so he could see my face "tell me" he said softly. " your just so handsome Niall". he let go and I looked at the ground again and felt my cheeks blush even harder. " I love you Alice". I hear humans look back up .

   I felt the same thing to but I don't know if he's the one. I mean he's hot, attractive but im not sure. I've never felt loved " I like you to Niall". I turned around to the kitchen and felt arms wrap around my waist. I turned around and Niall leaning in and his eyes closed 'oh no not again what if i mess up'?! i said to myself. I closed my eyes and felt his lips into mine. I moved along with him. He pushed me to the wall .Kissing me a little harder but gently. He moved back and we both opened our eyes at the same time and I bit my bottom lip and he just smirked at me. He grabbed my right hand and we went to the kitchen , after getting Niall a water bottle I dated to make pop corn and watch a movie. " Want to watch a movie in my room". I said "sure, what are we going to watch"? he replied back "well I was thinking maybe... well chose when we get to my room okay" i said with a wink . The microwave beeped meaning that the popcorn was ready and put into a bowl. I made tea and put in a mug which had the green bay packers symbol . Niall and I walked to my room and once we got to my room we decided to watch grown ups. I had to close his eyes when the girl had to fix her car. he laughed cause I had to close his eyes. a few minutes I felt his arm go around my shoulder pulling me towards him , I went closer to him and put my head in his chest. I jumped when I heard the song ' hold on were going home' which means someone is calling me I went to my night stand and looked at it was Andy ! I got the remote to pause the eyes widened and saw Niall looking at me he had a confusion look I looked at the time 11:17 .

   Why would he be calling me this late ? I passed Niall my phone and he looked at it and he answered it. "hello"? he said with his loving Irish voice "no she's .... she's taking a shower "I looked at him and he looked at me "at least I had a great time with her "! he yelled to the phone and ended the call . I looked at him confused "he wanted to talk to you.. never mind". he said I nodded my head in a respond and pushed play on the movie and went to Niall's chest to lay my head "do you need shorts and a shirt so you could sleep in I could take some from my dads closet. he nodded his head "sure, I guess". " I'll be right back don't go any where " I said walking to the door and winked at him. "okay I wont " I heard him chuckle.

  I went to the door making my way to my parents room. and opened it . "Alice what are you doing " I heard my dad say "hmm.... my friend is spending a night and is it okay if he uses a pair of shorts and a t-shirt so he could sleep in"? "yea of course go ahead" he said laying his head back to the pillow. I walked to his closet and saw some basketball shorts and a white t-shirt. I walked out the closet and went to the door and opened it and closed it behind me .

  I went to my room and passed the clothes to Niall he got up and leaned to me and kissed my cheek "thank you love, where your restroom"? he said and I pointed to the door in the corner of my room.

  He walked to the restroom and closed the door behind him. I looked at myself in the mirror I still had my day clothes I went to my closet and got some short shorts which were pink and a black t-shirt that had 'love' written all over the shirt I just smiled to myself .

  I heard the door open and Niall walked out of the restroom and wearing my dads clothes he had his clothes folded neatly and his white shoes onto of the neatly folded clothes.

  "I'm going to change okay". he nodded

  "where can I put my clothes"? he said 
  "hmm..on the nightstand I guess".

  I turned around to go to the restroom. Once, i got inside I closed the door and stripped off my cloths slipped on my shorts and took off my bra and put my shirt.

  Got my worn clothes and didn't care how it looked and opened the door and saw Niall on his phone on my bed and he looked up at me and looked at me from head to toe 'he checking me out' I said to myself . I walked to the dirty clothes bin and tossed my worn clothes there. "you don't mind me not wearing a bra"? I said when I felt my cheeks heat up. He smirked at me and shook his head.

  I told him if he won't mind helping me do the bed and when that was done we both climbed on the bed and we were now watching 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. I got scared in many parts and felt Niall's arm pulling me to him I blurred my head in his chest. When it was barely in the middle of the movie I fell asleep.



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