My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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18. The Little Black Box

  I dedicated to my new friend Laney she gave me a shoutout and in return I gave her a shoutout and put her in my book ... So read her book if not you'll regret it name is twerkitlikeniam NOW GO! (In wattpad)

             ~Zayn's P.O.V.~

  So I was planning to purpose to Alice after the movies. And Harry and Niall are here to company me. I've been practicing how to ask her and where. There's a lake near by the movie theaters so I'm going to ask her there.

  Romantic huh? Well it was Harry's and Niall's idea. Harry brought a girl I remember her when harry brought her all the time to the house. Her name is Laney. Anyways he brought her to ask her to be her girlfriend. Nice thing to do huh?

               ~Alice's P.O.V.~

  I was so frustrated I wanted to know what was in the box really bad. But the thoughts went away and I was to focused on the movie and the popcorn and especially on Zayn. He would laugh and I loved it it made me happy. I'm happy that we are going to have a baby. I wonder if Harry is still upset. Talking about Harry I saw a girl with him named "Laney". She  seems really nice a d is really pretty.

  After thinking about them and me and Zayn. The movie finished.

  We started walking out the theater. Zayn and I were walking hand n' hand "yea so meet us over there ok." Zayn says to Harry and I look at Niall he gave me a weak smile. "what's wrong" I mouth to him. He shakes his head and looks at the ground. Zayn and Harry were still in a conversation and I wanted to meet Laney so I walked up to her. "Hey I'm Alice I'm Zayn's girlfriend ." I say to and point to Zayn that was in back of me she smiles to me and says,"hi I'm Laney a close friend of Harry's." She says patting Harry's shoulder. "we should hang out some time maybe shopping? And the boys can go with us if they are okay with that." I say and she giggles. " that's sounds nice." she says. " babe we gotta go we have to go somewhere." he says and I look at him confused and look back at Lacey I say goodbye to her and walk up to Niall all alone with his phone out " hey stranger." I say hugging him. He didn't hug me back. "hey." he says "Alice... today not tomorrow." Zayn says and I give Niall a good bye smile. And he gave me one back.

  I got in the car and I put on my seat belt for my safety. Zayn did the same when he got to the car. He started the car and drove to this place I don't know where we were heading.

  He stopped the car right in front of a lake. It was a really pretty sight it was a full moon and their was a reflection in the water. It was really nice.

  I see the water moving around. Zayn was right behind me, he wrapped his arms around my waist and put his chin on my right shoulder. Niall, Harry and Laney were arriving I was confused,"why are they here?" I asked him. "they just wanted to come,they didnt have nothing else to do."

               ~Zayn's P.O.V.~
  Okay there here. I'm so nervous to nervous. I have butterfly's in my stomach is that normal? ok...ok...ok calm down. They came down to where we are. I got the black box out of my pocket. They came "ok so its my que." I said to my self

  "Alice." I said to her. I bent down in one knee and got the box out. I opened the box and it showed the diamond ring. She gasped and she put her hands over her mouth. "Alice would you do the honor to be my wife?" I said to her. "Oh my god... Oh my god yes yes yes yes!" she says running up to me and hugs me. I let go of her and I take the ring off the box. I slide it on her finger and she started crying.

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