My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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2. The Flash Back

                                                            Chapter 1

  It's been a week my best friend Mindy hasn't called me but I didn't mind I was more focused on school , to be honest I was nervous

                                                       ~ Flash Back~

   " Where do you think your going Alice "?! My heart was beating fast it could be hear by my ears . I didn't think that my bullies could hear it but the only thing in my mind was that if I'm going to die . I heard them talking in the hall earlier at school, but good thing they didn't see me they were talking about me of course .That they we going me up horrible and we'll kill her. one of the bullies I remember named .... mmm? AAAH! His name was Jake Henderson he wouldn't do anything to me he would just watch the other boys beat me up or he would just say rude stuff at me. Anyways, he came up to before 8th period was going to start he told me that to meet them after school. I was really nervous and I was scared what they said. Thoughts were just popping up in my head ,"what if they try to kill me "? that 2 words kind of scared me 'kill me' it echoed in my head and I was so scared I told my teacher Ms. Carlton if I could go to the nurse cause I had cramps. She excused me for the rest and the period which was only just 9 minutes I just ran straight to the restroom . Once I got in I cupped my hands under the hand-washing faucet and collected water and splashed it in my face. I heard foot sets I looked to the right of my shoulder after a few seconds I looked at myself in the mirror and I was breathing rapidly and saw Mindy I ran up to her and gave her a hug and told her not to let go I started to cry on her shoulder and she told me what had happened and I told her everything and she told me "not to worry just don't g-". Right before she was about to finish the sentence i cut her off and i said "I have to show up or not they will hurt my in a really bad way". I ran back to her and cried again in her shoulder the school bell rung meaning school is done for te day. I dried up my tears and went to the mirror my eyes were puffy and pink I was sniffling. Mindy hugged me and she told me not to worry and gave me a hug and told me that she'll come with me to see the boys. When I went to t he back where we always meet when they need to talk to me I saw Jake , Sam , Alex, and the one that I feared the most was Michael he was the one that would punch, shove me .You name it, he would hurt me in any way. Michael came up to me with a smirk "so you brought a friend Alice".I flinched when he brought one hand up. " Tell your little friend to leave or I'll deal with her too"! he whispered in my ear. "no please no Michael please don't". I said when I felt tears in my eyes that kind of blurred my sight. He gave me a death glare that made me shiver . I walked over to Mindy that was 2-4 feet behind me ,tears were now rolling down my eyes . When I came face to face to her I looked at the ground I felt one tear rolling out of my eye, down my cheek, and to the ground . I looked up to her and said "Mindy... as much as I want you here I don't want you getting hurt like me its best for you to leave". I walked a few inches and gave her a huge hug she whispered to me and said "ill see you tomorrow, don't worry Alice they wont hurt you". She walked away and waved to me. I looked to see at Michael. All of them had a smirk except Jake he had he sent glare of worried in his eyes . I really got nervous, the only thing is run but I couldn't I was glued to the ground " www-what did y-you need to ttt-talk about"? I stuttered to Michael because of the nervousness in my stomach. "well love, first I wanted to talk to you about you and Jake I've saw you 2 talking". I was confused I think I showed it to much because Michael apparently laughed for a few seconds. " there's nothing between Jake and me Michael"! I yelled to him and the boys eyes widened. I then saw Michael swing a hand to my cheek it sting for a few seconds all that I could think is run "RUN ALICE RUN"!! I thought to myself I suddenly turned around and sprinted to my house all I heard was Michael yell "where do you think your going Alice"?

                                                     ~End Of Flash back~

I soon snapped out of my own thoughts and felt tears, it blurred my sight I bended my knees wrapped my arms around my legs and put my head on my knees and cried.



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