My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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4. The Date

   What should I wear ?! pink cute blouse with skinny jeans or a black dress that reached mid thigh and short sleeves that has glitter, the dress made my butt big. Sooo.?? I would go with the dress with some black high heels . My make up was black smokey eye shadow and a red lip stick with a little bit of eye liner. I got my wallet, phone, and my sweeter . walked out of my room and down stairs . " Oh my god, look it Charles look at our baby girl"! she said to me in a happy tone. " Thank y-". I was cut off by the door bell. I walked to the front door where Andy was he was holding some flowers which were roses! " aww Andy is this for me"? I said while holding putting my hand where my chest is. " Yea I was driving and saw the flower shop". he said with a smile and handing me the flowers."well thank you very much Andy, would you like to come in"? "yes thank you". I waked to the living room and introduced Andy. "mum dad this is Andy". I said while patting his shoulder. "nice to meet you Andy". my parents said. they were in a conversation how we meet and I went to the kitchen to get a vase to put my beautiful flowers. I went back to the living room and told Andy if we could leave . He took my hand and we walked out together I let go of his hand to put my sweeter on. We both walked to his car he went to open the passenger door. " my lady", he said when he helped me in the car. he went to the divers side and started the car. The radio was playing 'we are young' I sang with the song


'So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter the sun'


  Andy started to laugh when I stopped I looked down to my legs so he won't notice me blush. " you look beautiful Alice ", he said to me I swore I blushed a little harder. " your not bad yourself ". I said with the small chuckle.

   We arrived to an Italian restaurant , we settled in a table for 2 . I could smell all the great food. "hi I'm Amanda, welcome to Olive Garden I'm your waitress for the evening ". Amanda said "would would you like to drink"? "I would like iced tea ". Andy said "I would take the same ".I said to Amanda . She came back with our drinks and we both thanked her. We took 5 minutes to order what to eat I ordered Lasagna and side salad ad Andy ordered pasta he sure loved it when he finished and I did love the lasagna . When we finished we left . once he started the car and drive he grabbed my knee which face me butterfly's in my stomach . "so how did you like it"? he said "it was really good thank you I enjoyed it ". I smiled to him , but he couldn't return it because he was busy focusing driving I leaned my head to the window and stared out the sun was down and it was 7:24 . I felt a vibration and it was my phone I unlocked it and saw a text message it was Niall .

  FROM NIALL: hey love ! (;
  smiled at his text I turned to Andy if he was liking but no .

  TO NIALL: hi Niall what's up ?(:
  I pressed the send button and locked my phone .

  FROM NIALL: nothing bored and you ?

  TO NIALL: just with a friend.

  I looked to out the window and saw my house . "where here ". Andy said. He stopped the car and took the keys out .and said "you want me to walk you"? "Sure ". I said with a smile . he told me to stay and I did and he got out a few seconds later he opened the door for me. "thank you Andy for everything". I tiptoed and kissed his left cheek. "can have another one on these "? and he stuck his lips out I was kind of nervous. I just didn't know what to do I said "I've can't". he just looked down the ground I think he was embarrassed and said "goodnight". and went to his car and drove off. He left me there outside my house.

   After taking a shower and thinking of a great time. I looked at my phone busted with messages from the guys.

FROM NIALL: Alice?! are you there. If you don't want to talk to me it's fine.

TO NIALL: Niall no wait don't go I just was with a friend I'm sorry don't go): and I was just finishing taking a shower.

He didn't text back right away I think he was upset . I decided to call him

"Hey Niall "?

"Yea, what do you want"?!he said angrily

"Are you mad at me "? I said sadly

"Apparently you didn't text me back"!

"I'm sorry Niall I with a friend getting dinner, I'm sorry it won't happen again promise".

"You promise"?

"Of course Niall! I don't want nothing to happen to our friendship". I said happily

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