My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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3. School


   It was finally the day that I feared.... SCHOOL . I tried to look my best straightened my blonde hair I wore some shorts with a belt the shorts was measured to my fingertips when I had my arms straight, a white t-shirt and some cute silvered bow earrings . And my makeup a Smokey light pink eye shadow and light pink lip gloss. I got my phone and slipped it down my back pocket. I went down stairs to see my parents in the kitchen my dad taking a sip if coffee and reading the news paper , my mum eating cereal . " Morning mum and dad" I said with a smile " will, isn't it sleeping beauty" I laughed at my dad joke. " morning darling what would you like for breakfast "? I had to think for a few seconds until I said "cereal would be fine ". I replied.


   We finally got to my new school it was pretty big and it looked pretty new or not they took really good care of it. I took my phone out to see if Mindy had called me or texted me . good thing she did I was happy she did !

FROM MINDY: Hi Alice I really miss you sorry I just haven't had the time for calling back I to study for a big test. so how's life so for ?

TO MINDY : Oh don't worry about it Mindy and it's been good I'm just here starting at school nervous by the ways.

  I pushed the send button and went inside the office to see the principle. " hey how may I help you"? the lady in the front said while looking at my mum with a smile . "yes I'm here to drop of my daughter , and she needs a schedule because she's new here ". my mum said with a smile back . " Okay will Mr. Lumbrinsky office in down the hall to the 2nd door to the ... left". She forgot her left to right for a second which made me chuckled lightly . We walked to the office and saw Mr. Lumbrinsky in his chair to busy in his computer . My mum cleared her thought to get his attention "sorry ma'am I didn't see you there please have a seat". he said with a smile. Mr. Lumbrinsky looked around his early 30's and was tall like around 6'3.


                                 ~1st period~

   My first period of the day. Sigh. Well, my first period is chemistry my teachers name was Ms. Henderson her last name kind of remembered me of Jake. shiver. Chemistry was embarrassing she made me introduce myself to the whole classroom which took almost the whole period. I was saved by the bell. It was now 2nd period and I have theater arts it was pretty fun we got to play around the whole period, and it went by fast. When I was walking to my 3rd period I was looking down to the ground so no one would pick on me but then I heard a whistle from behind me " damn girl"! a guy said walking past by me I could of sworn that I blushed . The bell rung and barely made it to class Ms. Johnson's room "sorry honey you have the wrong class ". she said to me I heard some little giggles from behind me . " I'm a new kid at school" I informed her ." hi I'm Ms. Johnson take a seat in any available seat Msss.."? "Oh sorry Alice Peterson". "well take a seat Ms. Peterson . I turned around and see mostly guys checking me out but I didn't care at the moment I could feel my cheeks heat. when I heard " damn baby you can seat with me". while the guy patted in his laps . I playfully rolled me eyes at him. I say next to a girl she looked pretty nice . "is this seat taken "? I asked to the girl " no have a seat". I just sat my self down and she said " hi my name is Brittney Lasano". I just smiled at her and payed attention to the teacher that was teaching a lesson. soon after the bell rung the guy that I rolled my eyes called me name " Alice, wait up"! I turned around and saw him he was quite taller then me. "hi I'm Andy Splate". He introduced him self he told me what class I had I said Spanish he also had it with Mr. Lopez. His eyes were light blue with dirty blonde hair ,hair pushed back , he wore a white t-shirt and jeans and some Adidas he had some muscles to be honest. Once we got to 4th period I sat next to Andy this time . the stuff the teacher was teaching I already new so I was just starting at Andy in front of me . Wait?! am I falling for a guy that would date almost every girl in school?! I hope he's not a man-whore. I thought to my self . 4th period went by slow the bell rang and was lunch time ! Thank God I was starving I think my stomach was growling in 4th period but no one heard. they we giving out some lasagna my favorite food in the world and bought my self a water I had to start eating healthy again of not I'm not going to be in shape for sport stalking about sports I was thinking of joing volley ball ,basketball , and maybe soccer. I had no where to sit in lunch . good thing I found Britney! "Hey Britney "! "hi Alice come have a seat". "thank you". I said with a smile. Lunch was over and I had math next with Mr. Overton I had Andy again and the rest of my periods. After the last period Andy told me to met him by the closest bathroom. I meet him there. "hey Alice over here"! waving his hands around in circles in mid air making me chuckle. "hey" he said with a smirk "hi Andy" I said confused but with a smile . "what are you doing later "? " I don't know and you"? " nun just wanted to know if you wanted to go out for diner just friends". " sure I would like that". I said happily. "here's my number .. ill pick you up at 5:10"? "yes sounds good"! I said walking away. I think he was looking at my ass or checking me out when I was leaving I called my mum not to pick me up there's a lot of traffic ad we live nearby anyways. While walking and I had me phone in my hands busy texting Mindy I saw 5 hot guys looking at my direction I put my phone in my ear to pretend I was talking to someone, they were like 25 feet away from me . The one that was hot was a blonde guy with blue eyes and another guy with green eyes with curly brown hair they all had biceps which made lick my lips. the blonde one was checking me out head to toe .He looked interested in me. he was waking towards me I pretend to talk in the phone and blushed when he was next to me . and pretend to hang up and say " I got to go". when I put the phone in my back pocket he said " I know you weren't talking to no one". his Irish voice was so hot it turned me on ! " yes I was it was a friend". I said flirty . He rose a hand up and said " I'm Niall" with a smirk. "I'm Alice ". I said shaking my hand. " Niall, mate who's this"? a boy with blue eyes said and made me smile " uhh.. this is Alice ". " Well Alice nice to met you" he said getting my hand and kissing it " I'm Louis " he said flirty I kind of laughed and all the hot guys came they were talking about something until they saw me . The boy with the curls licked his lips . "Well, this is Liam , Zayn and Harry". Niall said " nice to meet you all but I have to get going my mum is waiting for me ". I said a wink to Niall . He smiled and said " well let me give you my number ". I got my phone out and I tapped not the contacts and pressed 'add' I handed my phone to him and begin typing . he gave it back and said " here you go" with the Irish accent I love ! "anyone else"? I chuckled of the joke I made Harry took my phone and begin typing and the same for the rest of the boys. Once finished I said a good bye to all and gave a hug to all of them and kissed Niall on the cheek . I walked away and walked to the path of my house.


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