My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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12. Scared to leave you

                                                                ~Alice P.O.V~
   'I'm scared what if I lose Niall?!' I said to my self still crying I couldn't stop crying, I was scared Niall leaving me . " hey, Alice do want anything to eat" Harry said while scratching the back of his head. I shook my head and said " no thank you, I'll get something later but thank you" I said in a depressed voice and just kept looking at Niall, I felt a lump again in my throat , my sight was blurred by the tears. "hey , hey Alice don't cry he'll be better soon" harry said walking up to me and sitting right next to me and patting my lower back. "Harry what if he gets brain damaged and doesn't remember me ?" I said well tears running down my eyes. Harry got my head and put it in his chest some how it made me stop crying and it made me feel safe. "shhhh" harry shushed me.

    I walked out of the room and went to the hospital cafeteria, but I was lost and didn't know where I was going. I bumped into a lady that worked here " oh god I'm sorry I'm just lost" I said really embarrassed.  "oh no its all right honey. what are you trying to look for?" she said with a smile and hugging her clip board on her chest with both hands. "I'm trying to find the cafeteria." she said. She told me the directions and finally arrived to the cafeteria. I saw everyone there Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry sitting in a round table good thing there was an extra chair. I dug my hands in my pocket and walked to the table. "hey guys". I said while sitting down and putting my hands together on-top of the table. "hey Alice how's it going" Liam said to me which was right next to Zayn. I looked at Liam and said " I'm okay, but I'm still scared and worried". I felt a hand go on my shoulder and looked at my right " it's going to be alright Alice don't worry about it" Louis said. "thanks for the comfort Louis so any one want to come with me to get something to eat?" I said looking around to see the boys . I looked at Louis and he was to busy eating his potato chips, Liam was busy texting who knows who, and Zayn was drinking his drink, and Harry was eating his sandwich. "I'll go with you Alice" I looked at Zayn and smiled to him, " thank you Zayn" and made a death glare at the rest of the boys.

    I walked to the snack bar and got a cup of coffee and a ham sandwich. And Zayn went to refill his drink. "so you like Niall?'' Zayn said while taking sip from his drink. I shrugged my shoulders and Zayn laughed. I found his laugh so adorable! " can I ask you a question" I said to Zayn and looking into his eyes and he nodded "why do you have so many tattoos?" I said to him I was embarrassed that I said that. "um, well they have meanings" he said to me. "I would like to have one does it hurt to get one?" I said to him and walking to our table. " well the first time I got one it felt like a bee stinging you and after getting one after another it wont hurt." he said while sitting down in his seat. " well I'm planning to get one would you like to get one with me ?" I said to him with a eye brow up. He just chuckled and nodded his head " yea when do you want to get it?" he said to me " well maybe tomorrow if that's okay with you" I said to him " yea that sounds good what are you planning to get"? he said "well one of those Chinese symbol circle maybe i could get half and you get another half ?" I said. he nodded in agreement.

    When I finished my 'lunch' I went back to the room Niall was in. When I walked in I heard someone talking and I walked in and found Niall's eyes open. " OH MY GOD NIALL!" I ran up to him and hugged him. "Alice why am I here ?" he said in confusion. " you were in a car crashed and you broke your arm, but Niall I'm so glad your alive!" I said with excitement. " me too, where's ailed ?" he said nervously, 'WHO THE FUCK IS THAT !' I said to myself. "umm who is that ?" he kind of got red and said " she's a girl that's an old friend but where is she?!" he said almost in a yell. "Niall calm down! I'm just here to see you not ..." and felt a lump in my throat and felt water in my eyes, I ran out of the room and heard Niall call my name. I didn't care about him he cares about the other girl, he never cared for me! " Alice! are you okay ?'' I turn around and see Harry . I run up to him and hug him and cried. " he never cared for me Harry" I said while sobbing.

                                                                     ~ The Next Day~

    I didn't see niall the rest of the  day of yesterday, cause I knew he wanted to see the other girl. Anyways I have an appointment for getting a tattoo with Zayn. At least some cares for me! Anyways I'm just waiting at my house waiting on Zayn for our appointment. I told my parents and they were okay with it. Zayn was going to pick me up at 10:30 I had 2 hours left! So I decided to get ready and take a shower.

  After I finished getting out of the shower I put a towel around my chest. I got my clothes which was a light pick shirt with a bow in it, skinny light blue jeans, a bow wristlet, pink lipstick, a pink purse, sun glasses ,mascara and my low tops pink converse . When I finish putting my clothes on I did my hair in a messy bun. I got my phone and unlocked it I looked at the time and it was 10:17 I put my phone in my purse and got it and put it on my shoulder and went to the kitchen. I scanned threw the cabinets and looked for cheese nips. I finally found the box and went to the living room to watch TV I found Sponge Bob on and it was showing some reruns from like 7 years ago. I went to go reach for my purse and looked at the time 10:23. I decided to look at Instagram, I took a selfie and put ' getting a tattoo today!' After a few minutes of watching Sponge Bob the door bell rung. I got up from the couch and got my purse. I opened the door, and saw Zayn at the door "hey there" I said with a wink "hey babe! ready to go" he said and folded his left arm so I can wrap mine. I went out of the house and wrapped my arm around his and turned around to close the door behind me. We walked to his red gorgeous mustang and he opened the door for me to seat down in the passenger seat. When I sat down I put my seat belt on and put my purse on my laps , while Zayn walked around the car to get to the driver's side. He opened the door and sat down and got the keys from his pants and stated the car and we started to drive to the tattoo shop.

   When we arrive there I was excited and we got inside and I decided to leave my purse inside the car and I got my phone and put it in my back pocket. We walked inside hand n' hand I was shocked but I didn't care that much I enjoyed my hand in his. We went inside and a young man helped us out and we decided that I was going to get the white part and Zayn would get the black part. We went to this little room and he started with Zayn and he putted it the bottom of his thumb. (Authors Note: think of where Harry has his cross in his hand) When he finished it was my turn I putt it where Zayn had his and when the pen machine touched me it hurt like if u was pinched hard continuously. When the man finished I looked at it and around the tattoo it was reddish pinkish color. I grabbed Zayn's hands and we put our thumbs together and it looked awesome! I hugged Zayn and thanked him.

   When we finished paying we decided to check if Niall's doing okay in the hospital. When we got there we went to Niall's room and we heard the TV on and we saw Niall looking up at me and Zayn we had our hands locked together. In his eyes he looked really mad ! Hey you know I'm pretty good at revenge and making people jealous. Anyways I walked up to Niall " hey Niall how you feeling?" i said with a smile and sat next to him in the bed. "eh okay." he said looking at the TV "Oh my god me and Zayn need to show you something !" I said with excitement.

                                                                   ~ Niall's P.O.V~

   What is she going to tell me?! That they are now dating?! God Damn it! I knew I should of ask her a few days ago! God I'm so mad! She got up from the bed and grabbed Zayn's hand I rolled my eyes and took a deep sigh and looked back at the TV . " look me and Zayn got a tattoo!" she said and I looked and there thumbs were together and they did have a tattoo and it was a Chinese symbol circle. That should be me I shouldn't be in this fucking bed hurt ! " WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME THIS SHIT?!" I yelled to both of them " I knew we shouldn't come Zayn!" I hear Alice yell back and she gets up from the bed and grabs Zayn's hand and leans up to kiss him ! " for the record Niall I thought we had something going on! But I'm over that you can go with that girl you cared mostly! Also don't try to call me cause me and my boyfriend well be at my house and play around in my room" she said really angry. Did she actually mean that ? ugh! i screwed up everything!



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