My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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1. My Life Changed



                                                          ~Alice P.O.V~


    "Mum, I don't like it here... I want to go home "! I angrily told my mum . "Alice" my mum sighed as she said my name sadly with an expression all written in her face. "how many times do I have to tell you , this is our new home and we are not moving you want your old life that people would pick on you and bully you all day and you come home crying ?! Do you want that Alice ?! My mom said while she frowned her eyebrows. She did had a point that people did that to me and I did come home crying. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath re-opened my eyes and shook my head in a response.


   After putting all my boxes to my room I was very tired. I didn't have a bed to lay on yet. So I had to sleep in the couch that's in the living room it was quite uncomfortable . Thinking about earlier I wondered when well school start? Would they pick on me? Will my classes be hard? Will I have friends? I had many questions in my head, it stressed me out. A few minutes after all the thinking and more stress I fell in a deep sleep.

                                                      ~ The Next Day ~

   I was woken up by the smell of egg, toast, and bacon. I walked to the kitchen that was no more then 20 feet away when I arrived in the kitchens and saw my mom flipping an egg "good morning mum" I said to my mom "morning honey how did you sleep "? I thought about but in my head I said not good but instead I said "good" I sighed and rubbed my eyes . My dad walked into the kitchen and was in a suite and tie "where are you going this fine morning dad"? I chuckled while I told him that. He drank a sip of his coffee ad said " I have a interview for a new job darling , I can't eat breakfast so I got to go" he placed a kiss in my forehead and kissed my moms mouth and said "I love you Scarlet "my mom smiled and my dad jogged to the door and opened it and closed the it behind him. After 8 minutes of seating down and awkward silence I chose to break the silence "mum"? I said to my mum still in a sleepy voice "hmm"? She said while flipping the egg "when does school start"? My mum sighed and put the done egg in a plate "next week... Why"? "I just wanted to know... I don't want to start bad". I chuckled nervously and stopped and a frown appeared in mine and my mums face . "when am I going to get a mattress"? "your father and I were thinking about that, we'll probably go today when he gets out of the 'interview.. let's see he doesn't come home to late ". With a straight face with no emotion on her face .

                                                         ~later that day~

   "I would like this one mum, dad do you think it's a good bed for me "? I said to my dad. "lay on it Alice cheek how comfortable it is ". He said while I was climbing onto the bed. After laying and testing 4 beds I found a bed that felt like a cloud and also felt like the bed was hugging me . I didn't bear look at the price, but when my parents looked at it they didn't really care about it even though I was the only child . It was about 600-700$. After putting my new bed in my new room and putting it on the side of my window. My room felt pretty dull ... no color in the walls , no posters. The only thing that was there was my new bed , carpet , the fan with lights , and the switches for the fan and lights , the window near by my bed , and my restroom in the corner.


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