My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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8. It's okay

~ Niall's P.O.V~

   I woke up and I looked around to find a clock and saw it was 5:30. I turned around to see Alice to my left and saw Alice asleep and a piece of hair on her cheek I moved it and tucked it in behind her ear. I was interrupted by my phone ringing I got off of the bed and got my phone from the pocket of my jeans. I saw Harry calling.

~ Conversation ~

Niall: Ello , Harry why are you calling me it's.... 5:23

Harry: mate , I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep and I went to your room and didn't see you. So I got a little woried decided to call you to see your okay and where you were.

Niall: ugh Harry! I'm not a baby anymore! I'm just here at Alice's house.

Harry: I know. I know mate. Wait ?! are you guys dating?

Niall: not yet. I haven't told her to be my girlfriend yet.

Harry: oh... okay well bye then

Niall: yea. bye Harry

  I hung up and put my phone back of the pocket of my jeans.I went back to bed and covered me and Alice and went back at starting at Alice .

~Harry's P.O.V~

  ' Oh no he is going to Ask her! what do I do now?! I should ask her out later' I said while looking at her contact and pressed the home button and locked it and put it in the night stand. I went to bed and closed my eyes and still didn't know what to do and feel asleep.

~Alice's P.O.V~

  I woke up and saw Niall looking at me and "do I have something in my face"? I said I him . he shock his head and said " no it's just.." "just what "? I said " your just beautiful " he said .

  God this man I'm falling in love this man with his cuteness and his funniness. I went to the restroom to go brush my teeth. "where are you going?" he says . "I'm going to brush my teeth". "oh." he says. I got to the restroom and get my tooth brush and tooth paste. I started to brush my teeth .

  Once I finished I got out of the restroom and saw the clock that showed 6:03 " I'm going to be late for school!" I shouted . I rushed to my closet and got out short jean shorts, diary aerie strapless pink shirt and pink flats . I put my hair in a messy bun and put mascara and pink lip gloss.

  Niall went to the restroom to go change to the clothes from yesterday. " You look very beautiful Alice ." He said and kissed my lips . It was a passionate and loving kiss. You pushed back and I opened my eyes and I chuckled " what's wrong" he said to me with his eye brows furrowed " you have lip gloss" I said and I kissed his lips again.

  " I love you Alice " he said to me. What do I say?! I love him back? " "I like you to Niall" I said with a smile and he smiled. " ready" I said he nodded I got my phone that was in the night stand and put it in my back pocket and we walked out the front door and I went to the front door. My dad left out of work and my mum might be sleeping it's 6:17. I rushed to the front door and Niall right in back of me I went to the front door and Niall walked out of my home and I locked the door. Niall went to his car and opened the passenger door and I went to go inside to sit down. Once he closed the door I put my seat belt and Niall walked around the car so he could go to the divers door and he opened the door and he sat down to the seat and closed the door and put his seat belt. he started the car and drove off to my school.

  The whole car ride was awkward silence. we arrived to the school and he parked in a spot and turned of his car. "thank you Niall for everything." I said and I kissed his cheek which left a kiss mark. I chuckled and clean it off with my thumb pad. "your welcome Alice , and thank you for letting me sleep over and letting me use your dads clothes" he said with his Irish accent. "your welcome ". I opened the car door " wait Alice ". I turned around and he said if he could have a good bye kiss. I kissed him and I had to leave .

  Once I walked threw the school entrance doors . I went to my locker to get my 1st period books. I close it, and locked . "hey Alice" I hear and I jumped. " sorry I scared you." I turned around and see Andy leaning against the locker next to mine. " yes Andy , what do you need"? I said harshly to him. " I just wanted to apologize". he said looking at my outfit. "oh ..." I didn't expect him to say that. Well he looked sad and looked like he didn't get sleep " yea it's okay but , promise me that you won't do that again, did you get any sleep last night?" I questioned him. " thanks Alice, and not really" he said while giving me hug. I hugged him back and didn't feel very comfortable.

  The bell rung and I rushed to my 1st period good thing the teacher wasn't there yet. I sat in my chair and heard my phone ring. I took my phone out of my back pocket and unlocked it. And saw a message from Harry.


From Harry : hey love! what are you doing after school?

To Harry : Well, I don't have nothing planned so nothing .

I pressed send , and I saw the time 6:47. 'ugh! Today is going by slow! ' I said to myself

From Harry : wanna hang out today we can get Starbucks and maybe get subway . If you want.

I smiled and replied back to him.

To Harry: sure! That would be fun. wanna come back to my house and maybe watch a movie ?

I pressed send.

I looked around the room and see people making out, on their phone , and throwing paper planes!

'Are we back in pre- k ?!" I chuckled to my self from the little joke I made.

I heard my phone ring and knew that it might be Harry.

From Harry : yea. that's sounds good see you later have fun in school! xx bye love.

To Harry : k bye :) !

  Hey guys! Sorry for taking long ! So Alice and Andy are friends !!! Yay. And Harry has a crush on Alice ! And Niall been planing to ask Alice to be her girlfriend ! So I'm looking for

  *Liam's best friend/ close friend*

  *Louis best friend/ close friend*

  *Zayn's best friend/ close friend*

  *Harry's best friends or close friend*

  *Niall's best friends or close friend*

So if your interested of being in one of these parts
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This story is going to get interesting!!! xx ~ Michelle

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