My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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17. Dinner with Zayn part.2

              ~Alice's P.O.V.~

  When Zayn and I finished eating I wanted to go. When Zayn was going to pay he was FLIRTING with the lady! She gave him a piece of paper and he just slid it in his pocket of his jeans! I got really pissed off. When he came back, I just got up from my chair and walked out and Zayn right in back of me. "what was that all about ?" he says. I just ignore him and got in the car and slammed the passenger car really hard. "what's wrong Alice?" he says a little louder. " don't want to talk to you Zayn." I say leaning my head in the window, he starts the car and drives off the parking lot. "Okay be like that." he says. " at least I don't keep numbers from the men that take my freaking order!" I snap. "Really Alice your mad because of that WOW!" he says and starts laughing.

  When he pulled over on the side of my house I tried to get out of the car but the door was locked great!! I tried opening the door but it was locked. "Open the door Zayn" I say still trying to open the door. "Give me a kiss first and I'll open the door." He says giving me a kissy face. I just laugh I gave up! I turn around facing Zayn. I close my eyes and lean in to him. Our lips sync with each other. He puts a hand in my lower back he pushes me into him and I couldn't so I climbed on his lap. He broke the kiss and said "you don't know how much I want you." he says giving me a harder kiss. We were interrupted by his phone going off. He answers it and he just kept saying a "mhm" I guess he didn't care. He just kept twirling my hair. He hung up the phone and said "wanna go to the movies?" I just said yes I haven't gone to the movies for a long time. " sure but like this I think I'm over dressed for just going to the movies." I said getting back on his lap. "babe you are never over dressed for nothing." I just smiled at him and just keeper kissing those lips of his. I started to move forward and backwards. I gasped. He broke the kiss and he kept on moaning, with my same movement we kept our eyesight locked. He put his head back and kept moaning. "baby you always make me feel good." he said kissing me.

I heard a knock on the drivers window and scared the shit out of me. It scared me so much I jumped and sat quickly on the passengers seat. Zayn turned on the car and rolled down the window.

  It showed Niall and Harry. They were laughing, " what do you guys want?" Zayn said annoyed. " we were waiting at the movies and it started 30 minutes ago. We both looked at each other and our eyes grew. "well go see the next showing" I said to all 3 of them. They all nodded and agreed. "the next showing is at 9:40." Harry says to Zayn. "okay what time is it babe?" he says looking at me I open my purse and search for my phone. I unlock it and it showed 7:34. "7:34." I say and Zayn thanks me. Zayn told Niall and Harry to meet us there by 7:20. They were hungry so they went to Mc Donalds. We just went drove by some places.

  He grabbed my hand and he stopped the car in front of a jewelry store. " why are we here." I say curiously. We both get down from the car and I walk up to Zayn "you'll see later." he says turning me around and wrapping his arms around my waist. We walked up to the front door there weren't many people inside that I could see. There was a young man in the counter. When we walked in the little door bell dinged. We approached the counter and the young man. "Zayn Malik." he says and the man nodded and went to the back.

  The man came back and he came back with a black little box. "Oh my god is thy what I think it is?!" I said to my self. He got the box and thanked the man he put it in his pocket from his jacket. We walked out the store and we went back to the car.

  We didn't talk and he didn't say anything about the box. We were quit the whole ride. I got so frustrated of wondering what it was ." what's the box for." I said looking at him. " you'll see later just wait patiently okay babe and you'll find out later." he says parking the car in a parking space.

  We got our tickets and went to the theater room. " babe can we get popcorn please." I said holding his hand. The line wasn't big so we went to go buy popcorn. "next!" the old lady said. " yea I'll like a large popcorn please.. Are you going to want anything to drink babe?" he says turning to me. "yea a large coke with two straws please." he says to the lady. The lady comes back with a large Coke and popcorn. "thank you love have a nice one." he says to the old lady.

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