My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT ? PLEASE KEEP READING MY 1ST STORY OF FAN FICTION!! Feel free to me what to write Kik me : michelle_1800 Follow me in twitter :@morteg17 Follow me on Instagram :nameismichelle


10. Am I falling for Another?

   ~Niall's P.O.V~

 'I'm bored!' I said to myself. I decided to go see what harry was up to I didn't see himself I just went to Harry's room and didn't find him. "Harry?!" I yelled . But didn't get any response. I decided to call him.

 ~phone call conversation~

 Harry: Hey Niall what's up !

 Niall: oh thank god Harry! I thought you ran away! where are you?!

 Harry: I'm just hanging out with Alice .


 Niall: oh ok

 Harry: hey anyways I got to go bye!

 Niall: yea bye.

 I hung up the phone call and threw the phone across the bed . Am I jealous?! nah I'm just... what's the word... not comfortable her not around him.

 I got my phone and searched threw my contacts. I saw her contact and I decided to hang out with an old friend back in sophomore year her name was Ailed I had feelings for her but I don't know she might have the same feelings for me. I taped on her contact crossing my fingers hoping she would answer.

 ~phone call conversation~

 Ailed: hello??

 Niall: Hey Ailed it's Niall from sophomore year remember me

 Ailed: of course Niall I remember you I missed you !

 Niall: ha I missed you to Ailed. I was wondering if that you and me would wanna hang out today if you don't have nothing planned?

 Ailed: yea sure! well, I don't have nothing planned

 Niall: great I'll pick you up around 5:00?

 When I came to pick up ailed I started having second thoughts about Ailed and I. She was beautiful it was like sophomore all over again ! her eyes when it sparkled in the sunset, her brown hair when it blew in the wind. My definition of perfection! Wait what am I thinking am I falling for another, I'm trying to be with Alice, but l'll give Ailed a chance just one .

 I dedicated this chapter to my best friend Ailed! Well there's some jealousy in the air ! so there's the chance for the parts!

 *Liam's best friend/ close friend*

 *Louis's best friend/close friend*

 *Zayn's best friend/ close friend*

 *Harry's best friend/ close friend*

 Hurry the parts are still there ! Till me what part you want kik me : michelle_1800
Tweet me: @morteg17

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