My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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5. A Day with Niall

                                                   ~Alice P.O.V~

  BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! "What already?! sigh. I got out of bed and get my clothes to take a shower . I got a short sleeve black shirt that had a infinity sign with some really skinny jeans and some blue Toms. I went to my restroom and took off my clothes turned on the water and got a towel and put it on top of toilet lid.

                                                        ~At School~
   I was already in 3 rd period which I had Andy. I walked up to him " hey Andy last nig-". I was cut off by a girl coming up to Andy and kissing him on the lips. I don't know why but I was jealous and heart broken. I felt some tears blurry my eye sight and felt a lump on my throat . " Wait Alice"! I heard him but not dare look back. I ran to the restroom to cry .I needed to call Niall .


  Alice: "hh-hey ni-Niall" I spoke to the phone and stuttered

  Niall: "Alice? are you crying"?

  Alice: " yea it's just a boy that I kind of liked well he took me out to dinner last night and well he wanted me to kiss him and-".

  Niall: "wait you didn't kiss him right"?

  Alice: " no I couldn't ..." Deep sigh

  Niall: " you were saying"

  Alice: well he wanted me to kiss him in the lips but I couldn't ad he got mad and drove off .. and that's when I called you last night , and well this morning I was going to talk to him but this girl came walking up to him and just kissed him, it broke my heart Niall"!
I started to sob

  Niall: "hey don't cry Alice, I'm always here for you love ! what are you doing after school"?

  Alice: "nothing why"?

  Niall : " I'm going to pick you up okay meet me in front or call me if you can't find me".

  Alice: "okay well I have to go Niall, thank you for hearing me out see you after school".

  Niall: "k bye love "!

  I hung up the phone and walked out of the restroom looked at myself in the mirror my eyes were puffy and were pink. I walked out of the restroom and went to my class. the bell rung just in time I got in. I saw Andy with his head high he saw me but I didn't look at him. I went to my seat and saw Jessica wasn't there , I guess she was sick. 3rd and 4th period went by fast and I went to lunch I didn't go to the cafeteria cause I had no one to seat with so I went outside to seat in the bleachers. I got my phone out and plugged in my earplugs . I started to hear 'Say Something' by Christina Aguilera and a great big world.

   "Say something I'm giving up on you ill be the one, if you want me to."
That song made my heart break even more thinking about Andy and about last night.

                                                  ~After School~

  It was finally after school I couldn't wait I called my mum that I was going to a friends house and she was okay with it. I saw Niall waiting for me. Standing outside the car. I think he was really cute. " hey Alice" I heard a fimiliar voice right behind me. I turned around to see who it was ad it was Andy . I sighed loud " what do you want Andy"?! I said to him " look I'm sorry what happened earlier and I wanted to make it up". he said to me " look I don't want you to okay so you can go back with your little friend"! I yelled to him not as loud people could hear me but some people did. "Alice please, I'm sorry". He grabbed my hands and came closer to me "let go off me Andy ". I yelled. I tried to slip out of his hands but I couldn't his grip was even tighter . "LET GO OF ME ANDY" I yelled even louder

  "She said to let go" I heard an Irish accent say to Andy . That only accent I know is from Niall I turned around and saw him.

  "okay ill let her go". He pushed me to the ground and feel on my palms which I hurt it really badly. Andy soon left and saw Niall helping me up.

  "you came in just in time , Hero". I said while giving him a hug . he soon hugged me back "ill always be here for you Alice no matter what". "Ou"! I said plainly while rubbing my palms " what wrong"? he said to me "he pushed me hard and u feel on my palms". " Let me see them".

   I pushed me hands up so Niall could see them . " You just scrapped them no biggy, wanna come to my place so I could clean it up"? I just nodded " the boys will be there if that's okay"
"Of course " we walked to the car and Niall put his hand on my lower back to guide me , he opened the door for me . "thank you Niall " I said with a small giggle " I could of opened that my self ". " I'm just being a gentle men Alice". I just giggled to myself .He went to the driver seat and started the car we then started to drive to Niall's place.

   It was not that far it was like a 15 minute drive . His place was huge like a mansion. He got out and opened the door for me he stuck out one hand out to help me get up. "well thank kind sir". "my lady". He said with a bow. I just laughed at his funny but cuteness."your so cute Niall". I said to him he then grabbed my hand to his and we started to walk to the front door . I saw the door open wide open " Niall, brother where were y-". he stopped and looked at me " Alice ! how are you love"? He said with his arms wide open for me to hug him "ou"! I said a little loud " oh sorry love did I squash you"? he said nervously "no I scraped me palms" I said to him . " Niall put an arm around his waist and said " let's get you cleaned up". I got a little nervous of his arm on my waist. he guided me to the kitchen and heard Harry walked in shirtless which I saw his tattoos and was just wearing basketball shorts "brotha" with his lovely accent and his arm in the air to give Niall a man hug . "Well, Alice I didn't expect you here" he said with a smirk with kind of showed his dimple ! I just giggled " Harry put on a shirt well you Mate"?! he said to Harry. Once Harry got out of the kitchen I sat onto of the kitchen counter so Niall could cure me " is someone jealous"? I said while poking his cheeks " no why would I". He got a wet rag and put it on my palms it sting for a few seconds , but I didn't show it . " It's okay if you are Niall , you know I love you more" I said playfully. Niall kind of blushed he tried to hide it but failed. I leaned in to kiss his cheek but the rest of the boys came in the kitchen "are we missing something?" Liam said "get a room" Louis said. Niall turned around and I looked up and we both blushed and I got off the counter to say hi to the rest of the boys. Harry I think sniffed my perfume " are you wearing the Pink Friday perfume"? I was shocked and I nodded and my cheeks stared to heat up.

   I heard Niall say "Alice let's see my room".and turned my head and nodded. I think he was getting jealous, but I didn't want to bring it up so I won't get him mad. Once we got to Niall's room it was big he had a king sized bed big screen t.v. and found some empty potato chip bags and empty squashed coke cans. I laughed at his mess " sorry I have a mess, I haven't had the chance to clean". he said " Its all right I have my room the same way". I laughed "are you hungry , I could order Pizza or Chinese food if you want". Man his Irish accent was to die for his blue eyes when they sparkle and his lips I wished I could kiss them right now, but I can't to be honest I don't know how. That's why I didn't kiss Andy the other night. I snapped out of my thoughts and said "Pizza is fine". " is pepperoni fine "? He said" yea sure its doesn't matter ". I said . What if the same thing would happen to Niall what if he gets upset because I didn't kiss him? I had many thoughts in my head .I went to lay down on Niall's bed which was incredibly comfortable . I laid in my back and put my hands on the back of my head, which made my shirt go up and could see my belly button.

  Niall layed down with me and put his hand on my stomach which I didn't mind. I played with his hair and pocked his eyes not that hard though , nose and pocked his mouth . " Alice"? he said to me which made me look into his eyes "hmm"? I hummed to him " have kissed anybody"? OH MY GOD this can't be happening can it ?! I looked down and my cheeks heated " to be honest with you Niall ". I said and he rose an eye brow " no.... I haven't " he smiled at me and closed his eyes and leaned over to me and kissed my lips . I was in shocked at first and closed my eyes and tried to kiss back. We both heard the door open and Harry was pecking his head out " Am I interrupting something" he said "Harry! Don't you know how to knock"?! he yelled in frustration " What do you want Harry "? " Pizza is here" he said and closed the door " not bad for a first kiss." he said with a wink. He leaned in again and kissed my lips . He got up and said "you coming "? I shock my head in response . He made a confused face, I picked up my arms and said " can I climb on your back"? I said he nodded his head in response and he walked up to me and turned around.

   I got on his back and he had my thighs in his hands to keep me from falling back and I wrapped me arms around his neck and placed my head in back if his head and closed my eyes I breathed in and out "am I heavy"? I said nervously " no your actually light" he said . I opened my eyes and saw we were in the kitchen and all eyes were on Niall and I. "well hello love birds" Louis said . Niall bent down so I could get of of his back. "pizza" Niall said while rubbing his stomach . I laughed at Niall while he ran to the pizza grabbing two slices handing me one "thank you" I said. He nodded while bitting the pizza .

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