My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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14. 1 week


                                            ~Alice's P.O.V.~

  It's been 1 week since I've been pregnant Zayn and I have been really close and been making me food cause of the hunger. Today he bought me a hamburger and some large fries, it was funny because he watched me the whole time, " wants some?" I said to him. "nah thanks babe its your food, and the baby's." he said rubbing my belly. I haven't grown my bump yet but it well soon. "catch." I said tossing a French frie in the air. Zayn catched it and we both laughed.

  I don't know how were going to tell the boys. I'm a little afraid what well Niall say would he get mad? Yea I have no idea what his expression would be.

When I finished eating my hamburger and fries Zayn wanted to share our news. He called the boys to meet us by the near by park by my house which was 5 minutes away.

  I put in some shorts and a white t-shirt and some slip on shoes. I wanted to walk there and Zayn was ok with it. When we walked out the front door I got the House keys and locked the doer behind me. Zayn was waiting for me in the side walk I put the keys in my pocket so I won't loose them, I walked up to Zayn and grabbed his hand. " I'm scared what if they don't want us to be together?" I said to him and looking up in the sky hearing the birds chirp. "babe, don't worry about it they would never do that they well accept what we are going to say ok just think about the baby not on them ok." he says stopping me and kissing my forehead.

  When we got to the park the boys we there already Louis was playing football (soccer) Harry and Niall are in the swings and Liam was laying on the grass and had his eyes closed and his head phones on. "hey Liam!" he didn't hear me, I pocked his check and his eyes went wide open. He sat up and took his head phones off " god you scared me, hey guys!" he says standing up and giving Zayn a hug and hugged me too. "there here!" Liam yells to the boys. They came to us and I said hi to the boys and hugged them. Harry was the only one that gave me a tight hug. We laid on the grass and I laid on Zayn's arms. We kissed and we cuddled with each other. We had the boys attention to us. we both laughed and Niall and Harry looked sad. I think they did like me. " Guys we need to tell you something" I said sitting up and Zayn sat up and put his hand in my lower back.

  The rest of the boys sat up," I'm ready babe" I said putting my hands in my stomach, Zayn did the same but on my stomach, I looked up and the boys mouths were dropped " surprise!" I say nervously. " You guys are having a baby ?!" I hear Harry say getting up, he got mad, "I'm leaving!" he says screaming. I got up and tried to go to him back Zayn grabbed my arm " let him go baby, he'll be fine." he says turning me around, I looked around and he drove off with his black car. We went back to Liam, Louis, Niall " So your pregnant?" Niall says sadly. " yes... I'm bearly 1 week.'' I say looking at Niall. I hug him and felt really emotional, " I missed being with you, Niall" I say still hugging him and tilling him in his ear. I kissed him in the cheek " I missed you to Alice". he says kissing my lips. " WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!!" I hear Zayn say in back of us. " no baby nothing happened." I say letting go of Niall. I walk up to Zayn, he picks up a hand and swings it across my face. I felt tears rolling down my face " mate why did you do that!" Liam says pushing him back. Niall brings me back and hugs me. " I should bring you home." Niall says. "Alice I I I I'm sorry." Zayn's says putting a hand in my cheek. " It wasn't me promise Zayn I would never do anything to hurt you in any way baby." I tell him. He kisses me in the lips, " I'm sorry I promise to never do that again."

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