My Life Changed

A new girl named Alice Peterson moved in the neighborhood. She hopes she will have a better and a new life . But so far she's liking life so far until she bumps into 5 stangers while coming home from school.
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15. 1 week part.2

~Alice's P.O.V~
  "Are you okay?" I hear Niall say. I had my head in the window looking out I saw a couple walking down and the girl was pregent she had her hands in her belly smiling and her boyfriend smiling with her. I hope that would be me and Zayn. "yea." I said still looking out the window.

  I got out of the car " wanna come in?" I say closing the door, and turning to Niall. "yea if that's ok." he says back to me. I just laugh, I walk with Niall beside me I get the keys from my pocket and unlock the door and turn the knob. I go to the couch and lay down, I put one arm behind my head and put a hand on my stomach. "so your pregnet?" he says sitting down to me and putting a hand on my stomach. "Yea I'm bearly 1 week.'' I say smiling at his hand on my stomach. "your hand feels really good on my stomach, it relaxes me." I say putting my hand onto of his.

  Next thing you now my lips and his lips were syncing together. It was perfect! " I love you Alice.'' he says in my ear which gives me a little shiver up my spine. "I can't Niall, I'm in love with Zayn he's my boyfriend." I said to him " I thought we had something ?" He says picking up a hand up " I know but now it's me and Zayn, you kind of ruined it for us, you made me mad." I said looking at my hands in my laps, playing with them. " your right I'm sorry, can we still be friends." he says grabbing my hands."of course." I said looking at those beautiful eyes. " Why would I not?" I said poking his lips. He chuckled. " if Zayn keeps treating like me like an hour ago would you be here with me?" I said looking at him pushing his hair back. " Alice... I would do anything for me to be with you." he says leaning in and giving a kiss on my forehead.

  I was really hungry and Niall made me waffles. " your such a good cook." I said taking a bite if one of them " thanks, you sure are hungry." he says laughing. I just threw a pice of waffle and it got suck on his hair. I stared to laugh my ass out. " here come ill take it off." he came to me and I scanned on his head. I chuckled and got it, "want it ?" I said moving the waffle in my hand close to his mouth. "yea" he says. He opens his mouth and I was close to putting it in his mouth but instead I put it my mouth. I laughed and he had a puppy face his eyes were so big! I felt bad and I tore a piece of the waffle and put it in my mouth but some was sticking out. "bant bome?" I said with the waffle hanging out of my mouth. "What" he says confused. I are it all and said " want some?" and he shook his head. "okay well get some. I tore the piece and put it in my mouth again. He came closer and I felt the butterflies come to my stomach. He got it and I felt sparks! I got my part and he got a piece. I got a phone call and reached my phone and saw Zayn's name showing up " ugh, I have to take it. Don't go anywhere." I said poking the tip of his nose.

                                -phone call-

Alice : hey babe

Zayn: hey Alice I was just calling that we are having a dinner date tommarow at 3:30 and ill be picking you up. Is Niall there ?

I turned around and he was giving me like a 'I'm not here' kind of sign.

Zayn: hey Alice are you still there?

Alice: sorry I'm watching tv and it's my favorite part, and no he's not here.

Zayn: you better not be lying to me Alice or not you'll get bad consequences.

I started to panic.

Alice : why would I lie to I will never do that.

Zayn: you better

  And he hangs up. I walk back to the kitchen really scared what he said. " Love? are you okay?" He says getting up " yea... no I'm not I'm going with Zayn to dinner tomorrow and he said if you were here and I said no and he said if I was lying I would go threw the consequences." I say while crying in his shoulder " ill be here when you need me you know my number an ill come as quick as possible." he says saying while giving me a little tighter.

  Hey guys!!! Im sorry I haven't write in a while I've been busy with school or been lazy haha but anyways I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THE STORY IS GOING! but I know how the story is going to end! JUST TO GIVE YOU GIYS A HEAD UP IT'S GOING TO BE A CLIFF HANGER and no I'm not going to make a chapter two on this book sorry I'm writing the NEW GUY if you like Nash Grier then cheek it out! anyways I got to go bye !!!

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