Kai the Black Fox

As Yuka ventured through the woods she met a boy, and not just any boy but a boy with fox tail and ears! How will she be able to help this boy?


2. Meet the family

After dragging Kai all the way to my house I felt exhausted as I opened the door. My older brother, Matt quickly ran at me as I stepped inside. I stepped to the side and he ran straight into the wall. 

"I will defeat you Yuka." My brother said as I kept walking to my room. I heard his foot steps at me and spun, grabbed his fist and flipped him over my head, slamming him on the ground. 

"Would you shut up! I just want some piece and quiet!" I yelled.

"Big sis!" Said my younger brother,  Rin.

I smiled and pulled him into a hug. "Oh, Rin's here!" I said excitedly. When I had left he was at the park.

"Hey big sis, who's he?" Rin asked gesturing towards Kai, who had turned into his human form in his words.

"Oh, this is Kai. He needs a place to stay so I said he could stay here." I told them.

"And exactly where is he supposed to sleep?" Matt asked glaring at Kai.

"He can sleep in my room, in my bed, and I can sleep on my window seat." I suggested.

"That seems like a fine idea Yuka." My dad, who had at sometime entered the room, said.

"Yay! Than come on Kai!" I said pulling him upstairs to my room.

When I opened the door Kai looked shocked. There were wrestling, kung fu, and karate posters everywhere. I also had pictures of me winning in matches and my trophies scattered around the room.

"I had to stay in shape since my brother would always pick on me." I said with a shrug.

"Wow... You really are a strange girl..." Kai said still glancing around.

"I... will take that as a complement." I said.

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