dear dani

Daniella Horan is a typical 14 year old girl. Born in Ireland but raised in a small town in southern Texas. She has 2 brothers she's never met. She has a normal teenage life until her mom decides she need to meet her brothers. She gets sent to Ireland to live with her dad and her brothers when she finds out her older brother is Niall Horan...


2. Chapter 2:P

I wake up to the sound of the speaker saying that we are landing. Wow I slept for 8 hours! I turn off my phone as the plane starts going down to land. All I could think about is home... Where mom, Spott and my life is. Our plane lands and I'm getting off. Now I need to find Niall and Greg. Mom said that they don't know where I'm from so they might think I have an Irish accent. oh well. I start looking around till when my blue eyes meet Niall's. I start walk towards them..slowly..until I'm facing them. 

"Hi Daniella. I'm Greg and this is Niall." Greg says smiling with his thick Irish accent. I smile at them.

"Hi. And call me Dani." I say smiling. They both smile and look at each other.

"Wait your from America!?" Niall says excited. I giggle and nod. They smile even more. 

"I've always wanted an American accent!" Niall half yells. I giggle as we start walking to get my luggage. I grab then we head to the car. Greg starts driving.

"So Dani. Tells us about your self." Niall says.

"Well my name is Dani Avalona Horan. I am 14. My birthday is May 29th. I love softball, penny boarding and by the way I am a you tuber with 3.1 million subscribers. My favorite colors mint green and yellow. and yeah.." I say. They smile. I'm guessing at my accent.

"Tell us about where you grew up." Greg says.

"Well as you know I was born in Ireland. But I grew up in a little town outside of El Pasco, Texas. I grew up in a pretty big house with 112 acres of land. Vineyards, farmland and fields. I have a horse named Spott, 4 pigs, 3 cows, like 15 chickens, 3 dogs and 4 cats." I say.

"Wow. That sounds amazing but dad owns 100 acres of vineyards and woods in the back. We also have 4 horses and one of them is now yours! Also we all help dad with the vineyard because we have the only vineyard on this side of Ireland. And also the other boys of One Direction help to because they are always at our house. We have a really big house and a giant back deck that faces the vineyard." Niall says. I smile at that. As we pull up to a giant house thats in the middle of no where just the way I like it. we hop out of the car and walk up to the house we go into the backyard and up the stairs to the giant deck they were talking about. Wow.. I guess Dad came out and pulled me into a hug. He pulled away.

"Hi Dani. I'm your dad Bobby." he says. I smile. 

"Hey dad she's from America. El Pasco, Texas." Niall says with a smile. 

"Yeah I grew up on something like this." I say and look at the vineyard. Dad smiles at my accent. 

"Alright now it's time for you to meet the boys." Niall says. And One Direction walk in the doors..


heyyyyy peopleeeesss!

i am home from school today so I'll be updating most of the time today.





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