dear dani

Daniella Horan is a typical 14 year old girl. Born in Ireland but raised in a small town in southern Texas. She has 2 brothers she's never met. She has a normal teenage life until her mom decides she need to meet her brothers. She gets sent to Ireland to live with her dad and her brothers when she finds out her older brother is Niall Horan...


1. Chapter 1:)

Hi!! I'm Daniella! But people call me Dani. So my name is Daniella Horan and I am 14 years old. I was born somewhere in Ireland on May 29th. As soon as I was born my mom took me here to the USA and I grew up in a small town near El Pasco, Texas. Also I have an American accent not an Irish one but my mom has an Irish accent. My hobbies and softball, penny boarding, horse riding, friends, and oh I'm a you tuber!! 


I was riding on my horse Spott around our 112 acres of vineyards, fields and farm land. I start riding home when I hear my mom calling me. I hope off Spott and run over to my mom. 

"Hey mom, what do you need?" I ask. She sits me down on our giant back deck. 

"Ok sweetie theirs something you should no that I've been keeping from you..ummm...Dani you have 2 older brothers back in Ireland.." she says. my eyes widen.. 

"Wait what....." I say trying to process everything. 

"You have 2 brothers.... Greg is 24 and Niall.......Niall Horan..." she says. My mouth drops and my eyes are about to pop out of my head. My brother is one of the most famous people in the world... 

"Daniella I am sending you to Ireland tomorrow." she says as I take a drink of my mountain dew. I spit it out. 

"Wait mom I don't want to leave all of this!" I say.

"Your dads house is just like this in Ireland. Your flight leaves at 2 am.. It's 8 p.m now so go pack your things. Greg and Niall will pick you up at the airport I told them your name and sent them a picture of you. Now go on and pack." she says. I run up to my room and start packing. She told that I will be staying with them for a long time so I need to pack all of my things and anything thats not in my 3 suit cases will get sent there. I start packing and finish at 11 a.m. I decide to set my clock for 12:30.


I wake up to my alarm. 12:30... I get up and jump in the shower. I wash myself and run to my chair where I put my clothes for today. Since it's summer here and there I get to wear summer clothes. I put on my big tank top with an old looking American flag on the whole thing, my ripped shorts and I tuck in the front of my shorts and put on my braided belt. I put on some navy blue socks that go up to my knee and put on my black converse. I curl my naturally wavy blondish brown hair then brush it out to make it look natural. I brush my teeth and put on my mascara and natural gold eyeshadow with my clear lipgloss. I grab my bags and my phone and run down stairs my mom is putting all my boxes in the moving truck and drives me to the airport. She takes me through security and to my gate. 

"Flight 104 to Mullingar Ireland is now boarding." came over the loud speaker. I hug and kiss my mom and get on the plane. Wow I'm gunna be in Ireland for a long time...without my mom.. Maybe she'll come visit like she said. I put in my ear phone and try to sleep since the clock goes forward. And finally I fall asleep. 




ok so I will most likely update this a little later! 



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