Too Much

A mediocre magician struggles to make her keep when Houdini comes to the city to perform.
She discovers a weak power within her, but by the day it grows stronger.

Can she survive the curse?


3. Microwave

     My shock is forgotten as I smile brightly. The world is looking up. Life is okay.

     I plug the machine into the only outlet and slowly open a can of soup. I haven't eaten soup since the divorce happened. Two years ago.

     All is forgotten as I pop the little metal cylinder into the shining metal microwave and close the door. A message scrolls across the black screen:


    Unidentified Object. Please remove now. Remove now.

     I narrow my eyes, confused. Is this a new model?

     Slowly opening the little door, I take out the can and set it on the floor. I close the door once again and press the small glowing start button. A new message plays across the screen.

Choose food item.



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