Too Much

A mediocre magician struggles to make her keep when Houdini comes to the city to perform.
She discovers a weak power within her, but by the day it grows stronger.

Can she survive the curse?


1. Mediocre

     I've never been anything special.

     Or so I thought.


     It all started two years ago, when I had first come to New York.

     Houdini was performing suspended from a crane, trapped in a straitjacket, upside down. I was inspired. I simply had to run down an alleyway, and there I was. My new home.

     It was a slightly run-down building, with dirty windows and stained bricks. I could fix that. The door was squeaky. I could fix that. I could fix everything.

     As it turned out, I couldn't fix it. No, I had no funds.

     Our family ran into trouble. My husband and I divorced. I had no money. He took the children. Every. Last. One.

     I was starving, and there was nothing I could do about it.

     Until that day. That horrible day.









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