Too Much

A mediocre magician struggles to make her keep when Houdini comes to the city to perform.
She discovers a weak power within her, but by the day it grows stronger.

Can she survive the curse?


4. Impossible

     I want to scream in frustration as I stare at the screen, slowly repeating its message in my brain. My fingers ram the buttons and trace the metal, searching for something to make it work.

     They discover a small button near the bottom, and I hurry to press it. A tiny keyboard slides out.

Choose food item.

     I curl my hand into a fist and release it slowly. I can do this.

     My fingers type in two words.

Fried chicken?

     I press enter.

Processing... Sides?

     Elated, I type in the name of yet another thing I haven't tasted for years.

Request acknowledged. Please wait a moment.



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