My Seven Bestfriends and Two little Girls

~Sequal to 'Louis and I'~
Seven Bestfriends and Two little Girls. What more could you wish for? Louis and Lily are finally married and they couldn't be happier. Niall and Kota are engaged. Tori and Harry as happy as can be. Zayn and Rose are happier than ever. Finally, two little girls are on their way. Louis and Lily are going to face many changes as soon as the Babies are born. Will they be good changes or will they face the bad ones first. *Must Read Louis and I first.*


3. Its time.

*2 Months Later*

Lily's POV

It's now two months later and now I can't even hug ANYONE. It's kind of sad because I had a friend come over. I haven't seen them for two years and I couldn't hug her and it made me sad once she left.

"Louis, can we go to the Beach?" I asked him.

"Sure! That would be a lot of fun!" He told me.

"Ok. I want to take a walk, but I need you there because I'm do any minute now." I said "Let me get dressed for it though."

Then I went into the bathroom put on capris and a pregnancy shirt that stretches. I didn't put shoes on because we are going to the beach.

"Ok I'm ready!" I told him and he helped me go down the stairs. Then, we both made our way outside and to the beach.

"I'm so happy we can do this!" He told me and kissed me on the cheek.

"I am t- AHH!" I screamed as I felt my water break and I fell to the ground.

"LILY!" Louis screamed, picked me up, ran me to the car, and got the bag.

"WE ARE GOING TO BE THERE SOON! IT WILL BE OK!" Louis told me, but very loud.

"AHAHAHA! THE PAIN! PLEASE HURRY." I said and the contractions got much worse.

"Breathe! Breathe! It will be ok!" He said as we pulled into the hospital parking lot.

He picked me up again and ran into the hospital.

"My wife, Lily Tomlinson. HER WATER BROKE!" Louis screamed. I could tell he was nervous.

"Calm down, Sir!" The nurse told him.

"IM NOT GOING TO CALM DOWN UNTIL MY WIFE GETS TAKEN CARE OF!" He screamed. I had never seen him this angry before.

"Ok. I NEED A WHEELCHAIR STAT!" The nurse screamed and then I was put in a wheelchair and took to a room. My doctor was there.

"Ok, Lily I'm going to need you to push! These babies are definitely ready!" He told me.

"LOUIS HOLD MY HAND!" I screamed and pushed at the same time.

"AHAHA!" I screamed and squeezed Louis' hand.

"Ok. Push little harder!" The doctor told me over all of groans and screams. Then Jenna or Amy was out.

"She's beautiful." Louis said and I shook my head. "Just like you." He said and kissed me.

Within two seconds of the kiss I felt pains again.

"Ok. Here we go again, Lily. She's ready!" He said and I pushed.

"AHHHHHHHH!" I screamed yet again.

"ALMOST THERE! ONE MORE PUSH!" I pushed and she was out.

"Ahhhhhh." I said.

"Jenna and Amy Tomlinson" Louis and me both said and smiled.

"Here are your babies." The nurse said and handed me Jenna and Louis Amy.

"Can our friends come in?" I asked the nurse.

"Of course. I will go and get them." She said and in walked the boys and girls.

"Awwwww!" The girls said and I looked up and smiled at them.

"Can I hold, Jenna?" Kota asked me.

"Of course!" I whispered and said. Then handed over Jenna to Kota.

"She's beautiful." Kota said to me.

"I know and so sweet." I said and smiled.

"We make beautiful babies." I said to Louis.

"Yes, we do." He said and smiled.

Niall started to cry a little and so did Harry. Harry hugged Tori and whispered something in her ear.

I'm so happy to have these people in my life.

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