My Seven Bestfriends and Two little Girls

~Sequal to 'Louis and I'~
Seven Bestfriends and Two little Girls. What more could you wish for? Louis and Lily are finally married and they couldn't be happier. Niall and Kota are engaged. Tori and Harry as happy as can be. Zayn and Rose are happier than ever. Finally, two little girls are on their way. Louis and Lily are going to face many changes as soon as the Babies are born. Will they be good changes or will they face the bad ones first. *Must Read Louis and I first.*


1. 2 Months To go

Lily's POV

I have two months to go. Only two more. My baby bump is bigger than ever now and I don't know how much bigger it could get. Carrying around two girls is a lot. Sometimes you will get dirty looks for looking too young or you will get sympathetic smiles from people who understand you.

"Louis!! Can you help me?" I yelled down to Louis so that I can get down the stairs without falling.

"Sure, Love!" Louis yelled back and came up the stairs knowing what I needed. He has helped me tons of times already.

"All most there, and there." Louis told me and I walked in the kitchen holding my stomach. As usual Niall was in our house again because the other boys refuse to take him food shopping. Louis takes him while Kota and Rose most times are here with me because I can't stay home alone anymore.

"Thanks for all the help threw this, guys. I don't know what I would do without you." I told Kota and Rose.

"Aww your welcome." Rose said.

"No problem that's what best friends are for." Kota said.

I gave them both a smile and then almost got the kitchen.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You can't have anymore sweets for the day!!" Kota said stopping me. I'm not aloud to have more than 3 things a day that involve lots of sugar. I'm usually aloud, but my doctor noticed and said that all of the sweets can make the baby's crave a lot of it while they grow up and that can hurt them.

"Fine!" I snapped at them. I didn't mean to, but my hormones kick in when I'm told not to do things a lot. "I'm sorry guys for snapping. You know what it is."

"Yea we know. It's ok." They said. I decided to go in the kitchen and get some grapes because they are healthy for me and don't involve sugar really.

"Now that's a good choice!" Kota said to me.

"Haha I'm going to sit down and watch Friends. Do want to join me?"

"YES!" They both said and I just laughed. I put on an episode. It was the one about Phoebe and her signing about a stinky cat. It's one my favorite episodes.

"I love this one!" I told them.

"So do, I." They both said very concentrated on the television.

After about four shows, I started to get tired.

"Guys, I'm going upstairs. I'm really tired. Can you stay just incase?"

"Yea sure. We will watch friends and stuff." Rose said.

"Thank you so much." I told them.

"Your welcome! Now go get your beauty rest." Kota said. I then went and walked up the stairs to my room and fell asleep thinking about my life.

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