Sherlock Holmes- The Secret Wife

Sherlock is sent a new case. Together, Sherlock and John have to unravel another mystery, but this one's tricky. Trickier than they ever expected. for the Sherlock competition. 3000 words.


4. Author's note

Hi guys! I'm just writing a little notice to tell you that i'm sorry but i'm extremely busy right now and life is just getting in the way for me to write anything new on this Movella. I'd just like to thank you all for the support because the popularity of this movella means so much to me since Sherlock is one of my all time favourite TV shows, so to have so many readers read it and say they liked it was so amazing. I have however been using the small amount of spare time to get stuck in my lastest project. Please see my lastest comment for this movella down below to inform you, and i'd be so grateful if you guys could check it out, like and comment what you think of it. Thanks x

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