How to find someone who you only saw once? Is it a possoble task? When Jane sees a boy in a shopping center she finds out how big this small world can become. The only thing that connects her with him is the place where they met. Soon she will have to answer a lot of questions. Are the people we create in our imagination better than the real ones we can meet?


3. Wait

She was a normal girl. She had a simple life, but she called it „no life”. A life so far from all her desires and dreams. She spent most her time at home. Sometimes she met one of her two friends. This morning she was sitting on her bed and starring on the calendar. Two months. Two months left till her meeting with a man she only saw on the screean. She bought a vip ticket to the venue where he’ll be real.  While the image of the unfindeable boy was slowly fading from her mind. She was still looking for him when she walked through the mall, and the town square, but not so desperate. She decided to meet the man from the screen, and ask him out. The problem was her increasing fear. The fear of failure but also the fear od sucess. Both unimaginable.  In her mind she played both roles, hers and the man’s. She went through 1000 scenarios. Each ending like a fairy tale. But reality is the  thing you can’t control.  Fear end emptiness were around her and inside her and followed her every step untill….

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