How to find someone who you only saw once? Is it a possoble task? When Jane sees a boy in a shopping center she finds out how big this small world can become. The only thing that connects her with him is the place where they met. Soon she will have to answer a lot of questions. Are the people we create in our imagination better than the real ones we can meet?


19. united afterborder

The sun the huge airport

With a floor so clean that it was mirroring the blue

I don't feel like myself anymore


I've seen things

I've never expected I'll see

When I had seen things no one ever should see

How come it shocks me


people, sharks, ocean, snakes on the street, jungels and mountains, tv people in small cars, oscars next door to demonstrations on the streets, and guns, and fear, bus rides so scary that I must fight to not to screem, fans in livingrooms, houses without daylight, and rude busdrivers and guys trying to be unlogicaly nice on the beach

I moved coast to coast

Was left alone by friends

I live like every day

I move to quick and it's regret


I don't know who this person is

I crossed united afterborder


and I barely know myself

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