How to find someone who you only saw once? Is it a possoble task? When Jane sees a boy in a shopping center she finds out how big this small world can become. The only thing that connects her with him is the place where they met. Soon she will have to answer a lot of questions. Are the people we create in our imagination better than the real ones we can meet?


9. recording

Yes I had a bad day

We all have this days.

It was one of this days when the whole world is fighting against you and you still box YOUR way through it.

We had this recording planned since last week. I woke up and the man that promised to bring the microphones and cables called that he can't bring them. So we travelled for two hours to get them to the recording place. There we figured out we don't have the right cable. And that some people are there working for the english school so we can't use the place this afternoon. We spent another hours fighting with the equipment. Than we tried to record it in a friends house because he has the right computer but he didn't get another right cable to connect the microphones with the computer. And so it went till the late evening. The funniest think was that we had the right cable and microphone at home. It was just there but in our minds this recording proces supposed to be difficult. So the reality made it as hard as possible for us.

This make me think about the way we complicate our lifes sometimes. The nessesery things, the answers are here right in front of us, but we don't see them. Goodnight

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