How to find someone who you only saw once? Is it a possoble task? When Jane sees a boy in a shopping center she finds out how big this small world can become. The only thing that connects her with him is the place where they met. Soon she will have to answer a lot of questions. Are the people we create in our imagination better than the real ones we can meet?


1. Meeting

How to find someone unfindable. 

  He looked like a dancer from a movie she had watched a day before. It was a cloudy, rainy, heavy evening. Deep winter creased over Europe. Darkness already fell over the city. Small lights, yellow in the foggy air lit the way to the mall. She saw him in the queue to the cashbox. She didn’t notice what he was buying. He was blonde, not to tall, with brown eyes. Dressed in a grey coat. He looked at her and smiled. She couldn’t guess his age. A litttle boy who was with him had a crazy iroguois hairstyle. The boy wasn't older than nine. He keept distrubing the beautiful man… boy. Was he fifteen, shopping with his younger brother. Was he twenty-eight getting things for supper with his son. Both possibiliteies so possible and impossible, hidden in his young-old face. Was he a dancer, a dreamer, a student, a office worker, a plumber… No he definitley didn't look like a plumber.  For a quick second she was redy to give him her number. Write "call me maybe" on a piece of paper like in Carly’s song. But her father and her friend payed for the shopping and set off. One last look in the strangers eyes, and she moved on. He was searching for his credit card in his wallet.  And so she left the mall. But she thought about him in difficult and painful moments. The memory of the stranger gave her light. So after weeks she started to think about ways to find him. The only place that connected them was the shop in the mall. But what should she do. Was he from here or was he only visiting the city? In times of websites it was still a impossible task to find someone you’ve just met in a crowd even in this smell city.

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