How to find someone who you only saw once? Is it a possoble task? When Jane sees a boy in a shopping center she finds out how big this small world can become. The only thing that connects her with him is the place where they met. Soon she will have to answer a lot of questions. Are the people we create in our imagination better than the real ones we can meet?


8. love is

They say love is blind. They say love will happen. They say/

Love is missing

Missing the missing thing that I can only find in me.

Missing the light the joy and hope

Love is the hopeless lonely place

Love is heartbreak

Love is a broken heart

Love is pain

Love is the state beyond the border of suffer where I stop to feel - love

Love is the uncertain butterfly in the heavy wind

Love is the sparkle in someones eyes that fades in time

Love is the spring the warm pleasure of a small moment that desappears in lies

Love is the poem of fairytales that is so bright / only in movies only in books

Love is the light that makes you love the darkness, the being close that makes you love the distance, the warm that makes you settle for the cold, the hope that leaves you empty like nonenity

Love is the lie I always belive

Love is the lie I want to belive

Love is in the evening where 4 broken people sit around the table but... they are family and they are there for each other...

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