one direction imagines;BY roxie

Ill make an imagine for anyone who request it.all u have to do is...
Name, boy, tell me about urself, and scenario,
I will do part 2s or however many u want.

Alright, By my lovelies.......made by roxie


2. regitze/louis

'Regitzes p.o.v

"Regitze, Regitze"ur best friend whispers trying to wake u up."what louis im trying to sleep"you yell."oh come on regi(I gave u a cute nick name for him to call u) I have something really special to take u to tonight"."so its morning now let me sleep in and wake me up an hour before"."ok".he replies. 

3hours later now 5 oclock

You wake up with a horrible headache"darn it lou I told u to wake me"."sorry regi well any way go get ready for our date erm I mean a..a..a hangout umm just go get ready please"he hesitantly says.wonder whats up with him u think.


Ur ready u are wearing a blue and white smiley face crop top with a white undershirt and white skinny jeans.your hair is in a messy bun since knowing louis u never are going anywhere to special.lou calls u dwn stairs saying lets go as u walk out to the car lou hands you a beatiful bouquet of red roses."o my lou these are gorgeous"."haha yes yes they are but of course not as gorgeous as you".now ur getting even more curious . you've always secretly had feelings for him but u know he wont feel the same ur driving up to this big empty lot u statt to get worried thinking hes going to hurt lou gets out the car he comes to u and starts running and he is carrying u bridal style as he slows down u see a cliff with an entire picnic set up with little tea lights all around the area. As he sets u down he and u enjoy the picnic, now ur staring into the beatiful view and just then louis grabs ur hand forcing u too look him in his beautiful blue eyes."Regitze, I love u and I brought u here to tell u that I always have and I want us to be more than friends"i..I..I love u 2"just then he grabs ur face and kisses u."regi, will u be mine?"."yes"



Alright hope u like it bye bye : ) I will do a part 2 if youd like kk bye my lovelies

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