one direction imagines;BY roxie

Ill make an imagine for anyone who request it.all u have to do is...
Name, boy, tell me about urself, and scenario,
I will do part 2s or however many u want.

Alright, By my lovelies.......made by roxie


1. example: roxie/niall


U are at nationals competing for the 2016 us olympic gymnastics team.your up on vault thiis is ur last apparatus to determine the win.u stare into the croud looking for ur long term boyfriend niall horan,and sure enough hes right there chanting ur name and telling u praises 'come on roxie you aare gonna win this you can do it'.your coach just gave you the go   ur running up the track then u do a round off back handspring onto the spring board doing the perfect double arabian in mid air,landing  gently on ur feet you look up to the scoreboard you have place no.1.all the sudden niall tackles u with hugs and he kisses you.'i told you that u could do it'niall  tells u 'one more thing' he gets down on one knee,and you start to tear up tjhen he says 'will u......tie my shoe?'then he staarts to laugh and pulls out a little black box and says'roxie will u marry me?'he happily questions 'yes'you scream 

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