My name is Kaitlyn, most people call me Kat though. The one thing you could probably never guess about me is that my dad is Niall Horan,yeah you know the one from One Direction, that one. Though when we get a unexpected call are we ready to drop everything and leave? Are we ready for change?
The sequel of Something Great
The first book was deleted by accident


14. The announcement

Emily's P.O.V

"Emily Eva White, Will you marry me?" Niall asked, I could feel all the tears pouring out of my eyes. I knew this was already coming...

****Flashback from before going to the store*******

I couldn't find my toothbrush in knew it was here somewhere, then I remembered I had put them in Niall's bag. I searched through each pocket but there was no sign until I had reached on pocket that had seemed full. I found them! But I had found something else. A box... I went to open it but I could hear Niall making his way upstairs, I also heard somebody up here too.... Were they watching me?? Oops..


"Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course!" I screamed. I heard everyone cheering and laughing, I got a lot of hugs and people were celebrating. "El!!" I ran up to her and she hugged me. " Can you believe it!!??" I asked. " I knew all along! Though I always knew you were the perfect two!" Then I had seen Kaitlyn running at me and gave me a huge hug. " I can't believe it!!! Can I be a bridesmaid?! Please?! Please?!" I laughed, "Sure why not?!"

Though I had turned when somebody tapped my shoulder, Niall, I jumped into his arms and I hugged him and kissed him. " Finally, I should've proposed sooner.." Niall whispered. " No it's okay, perfect timing" We laughed.

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