My name is Kaitlyn, most people call me Kat though. The one thing you could probably never guess about me is that my dad is Niall Horan,yeah you know the one from One Direction, that one. Though when we get a unexpected call are we ready to drop everything and leave? Are we ready for change?
The sequel of Something Great
The first book was deleted by accident


6. Surprises, Great....

Emily's P.O.V.

I opened the door to find Harry and Louis in the back seat the were talking to my daughter Kat. I sat down in the seat and grabbed my IPhone out of my pocket. I put it to the side, and put on my seat belt. In a couple minutes Niall was beside me. He pressed on the gas pedal and we were off. "Is there a charger anywhere for my phone?" I asked. " Yeah right here, if you need to call or text anyone use my phone." He replied with a smile. "Thanks" I took his phone off the charger and put mine on. " I have to text Ella to see if Liam and her are coming soon." He nodded his head "Sounds good". I turned his IPhone on and put in his password. When I pressed onto messages the first messages that popped up it said "ddlovato". Wait what? This couldn't be real did it mean Demi Lovato?

I turned towards him but his focus was on the road. I looked at the last message she had sent.

I miss you Niall, please answer back! I fell so bad about how we broke up, please text back! I love you, Niall


I sat there with wide eyes, are you kidding me! My daughter is Thirteen! They broke up 16 years ago! I knew they still talked and I didn't mind her but if they still had an relationship when we did , I don't know what I would do. Now I had seen a whole new perspective of him now, but I decided to read on.

Demi, I have a daughter who is thirteen and a girlfriend. I am perfectly happy the way my life is and I am not changing my life to make room for someone who is pretending to like me.


Niall I know you have something for me all these years you have, you have a girlfriend just a girlfriend it's not like she's you wife!


I was furious now! I was ready to punch her lights out! I went to read on hoping Niall was going to set her straight!

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