My name is Kaitlyn, most people call me Kat though. The one thing you could probably never guess about me is that my dad is Niall Horan,yeah you know the one from One Direction, that one. Though when we get a unexpected call are we ready to drop everything and leave? Are we ready for change?
The sequel of Something Great
The first book was deleted by accident


20. My life changed.

Kaitlyn's P.O.V

**************************1 WEEK LATER*****************************

" I bet I can beat you there!" I yelled back to my mum who was chasing after me. "Slow down the store is right over here look through the store windows until you see a boutique!" She yelled at me. "Okay,okay!" I slowed down and looked through the windows I seen Nando's! Yummy I want to go! Then as I watched the waitress bring out food, I seen a familiar face at the front paying Uncle Liam! Wasn't he suppose to be with dad. I looked but no sign. Strange. I looked at my mum who was looking down a alley. "Mum?" I asked confused. I went towards her she was speechless if looked down the alley. There was my dad and........Demi............kissing. My mum was crying "Go into Nando's and get us a table I'll be one sec." I slowly walked in with tears down my face how could he do that to us, he told me! He told me he would never do anything to hurt us! I bumped into someone "Oh, I'm sorry love. Wait, Kat? I thought you......wait what's wrong?" Uncle Liam asked while hugging me tightly. "Mum and I caught Dad kissing.....Demi in an alley....." I sobbed. "Go get a seat I'll deal with it mum will be in soon!"'he ran out and I sat in one of the booths.

Emily's P.O.V

"Go into Nando's and get us a table I'll be one sec." I told Kat, I could hear her quiet sob as she made her way into Nando's. "Niall James Horan!" I yelled at Niall and Demi, they stopped and turned towards me. " You can have this back! Oh and one more thing.........goodbye!" I threw my ring to the ground and stomped on it. I tried to crush it. Then I picked it up and threw it at Demi's head, it hit her right in the eye. I went to run then I hit somebody, "I'm so sor-" Liam had a really look on his face. " Go inside, I'll pay for supper. Go, I deal with this. Oh and call Ella." He ran into the alley I saw Demi walk out while yelling back into the alley.

I walked inside and I found Kat, I gave her a huge hug. "I promise Kat everything will be okay, I promise!" After ordering, I called Ella. "Em? Where are you guys? Liam and Niall haven't returned yet either. Em?" "Calm down El. Why don't you come to Nando's? We'll have a supper together and I have to tell you something important." There was silence on the other end. "Umm.... Okay, I'll be there in 10-15 minutes"

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