My name is Kaitlyn, most people call me Kat though. The one thing you could probably never guess about me is that my dad is Niall Horan,yeah you know the one from One Direction, that one. Though when we get a unexpected call are we ready to drop everything and leave? Are we ready for change?
The sequel of Something Great
The first book was deleted by accident


23. Just hear me out...

Emily's P.O.V

I let go of Kaitlyn, "I think we should be going so if you have to go to the bathroom you should go now, I'll meet you at the entrance, okay?" "Okay, I'll be out in 5 minutes" I nodded and I went out of the bathroom and went to the front entrance only to find.........

Niall's P.O.V

I watched while Liam and Ella went outside, they where talking for a bit until Ella smiled and hugged him then they kissed. I need to get tips from Liam, seriously. I turned to see Emily. She looked up from her phone. Kaitlyn came out, both their expressions were sad they both walked right passed me. Not even bothering to say a word, Even Liam and Ella's kids Delilah,Noah and Sydney lakes right pass me not making any eye contact. "Guys please, just hear me out" There was no answer.

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