My name is Kaitlyn, most people call me Kat though. The one thing you could probably never guess about me is that my dad is Niall Horan,yeah you know the one from One Direction, that one. Though when we get a unexpected call are we ready to drop everything and leave? Are we ready for change?
The sequel of Something Great
The first book was deleted by accident


18. Dreams

Kaitlyn's P.O.V

We got into the house, it looked the exact same as we left it a week ago. Good! I liked it that way. I ran upstairs into my room and jumped onto my bed, ah. Though I ended up falling asleep.

******HER DREAM*********

"Where's dad going?" I asked in a soft voice. "He is going on vacation for a bit, I don't know when he will be back." I started to tear up, I knew what she meant.... he was leaving us. "DAD! Don't leave!" I cried, I looked at the car closely. My dad and Demi were together laughing, smiling and they even kissed before the drove away. "DAD! NOOOOO!" I looked at my mum "Kat I'm right here!Kat! I'm right here!" she was telling me but her voice wasn't actually her's.

****END OF DREAM******

I jumped out of bed, "Dad?!" he hugged me. "Kat calm down, it's okay! I'm right here. What did ya dream about?" " You left mum and I, for.......Demi Lovato......" He sat there, he was thinking I could tell. " Dad were actually cheating on mum?" I asked. answered quickly "No! Never! I mean..... I would never do such a thing." Whew, I was worried. Thank god he told me that.

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