...The Help (Harry Styles)

(Harry styles fanfic)
Her legal name was Aubrey Daniels, she had to change her name often. She goes where the wind takes her, her family. gone. Aubrey 19 years old, has lived a rough life of running from the thing that scares her most. She's been to more states than she can count, and hasn't had 1 friend since 6th grade.
**sneak peak**
New York City, the city that never sleeps. The perfect place to blend in, to be invisible. The streets were covered with people, some wearing suits. I waited patiently for the cross-walk sign. That was until i heard my name being called. my LEGAL name. I turned and looked for the person who was calling my name.
"Aubrey Daniels!!" I turned and saw a boy, about my age, tall, brunett curls and piercing green eyes. I turned and sprinted through the crowd, pushing past people.
"Stop!" I refuse, i have ran for too long and im not giving up now.


7. chapter 7: escape





  Harry is still in on his plan to sneak him and I out to the UK. i'm still scared, he can kill me with just his pinky finger.

    "H-harry, i dont think going to the UK is the best idea...."  He looked up to me and raised an eye-brow.

  "Why would you say that?"

  "You saw what he did to you! he can do much worse than just a few, painful punches to the chest! he will kill you, us!" I was now ranting pacing back and forth infront of him. "He will snatch you or me and then he will torture me AND YOU all because of-" Harry's lips on mine stopped me from ranting. i didnt know what i was doing but right then  and there i could care less. Harry was the exact definition of "hot". what am i doing? i am never like this, relationships dont work. im on the run and i cant stay attached to anyone. but this time i just wanted to enjoy the sensation of his lips on mine.I kissed back, even though it was so wrong, it felt so right. He pulled away and put his hands on both sides of my cheeks.

  "everything will be okay, but we are going to the UK. I will have a few people to help us with our escape. dont worry." I still wasnt sure about his plan but Harry was good at convincing me. I nodded and blushed. our heated kiss was only 5 minutes ago but it felt like we were still lip locked.

  "Lets go back to my place, our flight will be tomarrow morning." harry said.


  I unlocked my door to my apartment, Aubrey was right behind me with her suitcase. I couldnt stop my actions, i just- ah i dont even know what i was doing! she is cute when she is ranting but im helping her. in other words, using her as bait to my trap. im not having feelings for her, it's just not right! i felt the spark, i wonder if she did? 

  "I'll take your suitcase,"

  "No it's oka-" i took it from her and stepped inside my apartment. Aubrey sighed and came in shutting the door behind her and locking it.

  "so, since we are helping each other out, why not know each other too? we can just ask questions?" she smiled, a real smile, she looked beautiful when she smiled. I then thought back to our kiss, it made my day. I couldnt stop myself, and from the looks of it, niether could she. i thought she would have kicked me or slapped me.

  "Okay, but you already know most things about me.." i chuckled and nodded. I was a really good researcher (stalker). i learned most things about her... wow i really sound like a creep..

  "i dont know your favorite color?" wrong, i knew her favorite color. purple. duh.

  "Purple,"  yep.

  "Okay, now you ask me a question,"

  "how did you find all of that information on me?" easy. not.

  "I-I um, i went to your hometown, internet, your parents were cops so everybody knew them and you.." she went silent after that, damn it i sound wierd now. ughhhh.

  "Oh okay, im going to take the couch." she walked off to the living room and disapeared from my sight. it was wrong to bring up her parents, why would i do that? ugh that was a dick move. tomarrow we will make it to the UK and then.. okay i really should think stuff through more. i dont have a plan.

         honestly who is reading this??

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