...The Help (Harry Styles)

(Harry styles fanfic)
Her legal name was Aubrey Daniels, she had to change her name often. She goes where the wind takes her, her family. gone. Aubrey 19 years old, has lived a rough life of running from the thing that scares her most. She's been to more states than she can count, and hasn't had 1 friend since 6th grade.
**sneak peak**
New York City, the city that never sleeps. The perfect place to blend in, to be invisible. The streets were covered with people, some wearing suits. I waited patiently for the cross-walk sign. That was until i heard my name being called. my LEGAL name. I turned and looked for the person who was calling my name.
"Aubrey Daniels!!" I turned and saw a boy, about my age, tall, brunett curls and piercing green eyes. I turned and sprinted through the crowd, pushing past people.
"Stop!" I refuse, i have ran for too long and im not giving up now.


5. chapter 4: SM *save me*

should I continue?? :S



  I was once again, walking down the crowded, cramped, sidewalk. I needed to find Harry again, I needed freedom. I have been looking over my shoulder for the past 2 days, he has only given me 2 weeks to do the "right thing". i kept on the sidewalk, searching through clusters of people, that was, until i saw that mop of curls and green eyes. He walks through the crowd of people over to me, pushing through people. Why am i doing this? what if he works for HIM?! that would explain how he showed up at my apartment when it got trashed. I wait for him to approach me, in the mean time i play with my trembling fingers.

  "Are you scared?" Harry's soft whispered fill my ears, at that time i stopped my trembling fingers.

  "No, im fine. now, you said you wanted to help me," he nodded, his eyes were scanning the crowd of people around us. He grabs my wrist and drags me along with him. maybe this wasnt a good idea?..

  Harry takes me to a coffe shop, it was small, not  many people were there.. We take a table away from everyone else, and then we get to buisness.

  "As you said yesterday, i do want to use you as bait." I got lost in his eyes for a second, he must have noticed. his smile reavealed his dimples, i blushed and turned my attention to my coffee.

  "Why would you use me as bait? whats in it for you?" He stopped fumbling with his straw and stared right into my eyes. i thought i would catch flame from him piercing stare. his eyes were electrified. enchanting.

  "The man that is after you, he and i have some history," he growled lowly, i almost didnt catch it but i could tell he was angry at him.

  "o-okay, so what is your actual plan?" He sat there for a minute, indicating he didnt have a plan. "You dont have a plan!"  he gave me a sheepish grin and nodded.

  "i didnt really think it over. how about you? do you have a plan?" I thought about the note, i have 2 weeks. my plan WOULD have been leaving NYC and never looking back.

  "Not really," I looked down, away from his gaze. I can't tell him about the note, it's my problem not his.


  I was the most surprised when she agreed to my plan, i thought she would have said no.. again.  I couldnt get enough of her eyes, deep, brown, dark and mysterious all at once. She was a broken puzzle piece that i wanted.. no.. NEEDED to solve. When she looked down, i noticed that she is hiding something. she knows something.

  "Anything you need to tell me?" she looked rather startled but bit her lip and shook her head. "I know you know something, tell me!" i never realized how my anger was, until i saw her face. She stood up, knocking the chair over in the process.

  "I will tell you something if i want to!" this time i stood up, she was very short for 19.

  "We are working together remember! now tell me!"

  "I have 2 weeks till he kills me! are you fucking happy?" this changed the plan, my plan wouldnt be complete for about another month. i have to buy more time..

  "Why haven't you left?" she grabbed the knocked over chair and sat down once again.

  "In his note, he said he will shoot me straight up if i leave," she sunk into her chair and played with her fingers. i realized that was a habit of hers when she gets nervous.

  "I'm sneaking you out, we need more time. pack your bags your going to the UK,"

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