...The Help (Harry Styles)

(Harry styles fanfic)
Her legal name was Aubrey Daniels, she had to change her name often. She goes where the wind takes her, her family. gone. Aubrey 19 years old, has lived a rough life of running from the thing that scares her most. She's been to more states than she can count, and hasn't had 1 friend since 6th grade.
**sneak peak**
New York City, the city that never sleeps. The perfect place to blend in, to be invisible. The streets were covered with people, some wearing suits. I waited patiently for the cross-walk sign. That was until i heard my name being called. my LEGAL name. I turned and looked for the person who was calling my name.
"Aubrey Daniels!!" I turned and saw a boy, about my age, tall, brunett curls and piercing green eyes. I turned and sprinted through the crowd, pushing past people.
"Stop!" I refuse, i have ran for too long and im not giving up now.


4. chapter 3: maybe?

hello babes! how is everyone these days? i am in love with the song Replay by Zendaya! omg im obsessed <3 !!!!!!!!!!



  A week after the "Harry" thing, i started feeling creeped out. like, i was being watched, stalked. I needed to leave and fast, or he would find me.

  I ran to my apartment and packed up as quickly as i could, I needed to leave, he found me. I heard a knock at the door. I stop my hands from throwing clothes into a suitcase and stare at the door. is it him? he's coming to kill me. I approached the door with shaky hands, I set my hand on the cold, brass handle. I looked through the peep hole and saw no one there. odd. I pushed the door open and discovered an envelope on the floor infront of the door.

 the note made me shudder,

                My dearest Aubrey,

 You know i will find you, your running has improved i must say, but that wont keep you alive. I know your every move, every word and every sound. Just know that one day, your running days will be over and so will your life. i will let you do the right thing, i will give you 2 weeks to do that, if you leave i will kill you without hesitation.

         Wrote with Hate


i dropped the note, okay, maybe i do need Harry..

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