...The Help (Harry Styles)

(Harry styles fanfic)
Her legal name was Aubrey Daniels, she had to change her name often. She goes where the wind takes her, her family. gone. Aubrey 19 years old, has lived a rough life of running from the thing that scares her most. She's been to more states than she can count, and hasn't had 1 friend since 6th grade.
**sneak peak**
New York City, the city that never sleeps. The perfect place to blend in, to be invisible. The streets were covered with people, some wearing suits. I waited patiently for the cross-walk sign. That was until i heard my name being called. my LEGAL name. I turned and looked for the person who was calling my name.
"Aubrey Daniels!!" I turned and saw a boy, about my age, tall, brunett curls and piercing green eyes. I turned and sprinted through the crowd, pushing past people.
"Stop!" I refuse, i have ran for too long and im not giving up now.


3. chapter 2: alone

   Okay, in New York we got a hella amount of snow today, like, no joke! Make sure to read my other movellas too! ;)

  <3 ya!


     When I reached my apartment, all i could do was laugh. he wanted to help me! I shook my head and popped the key into the door handle unlocking my temporary apartment. I dropped my keys and purse. My apartment looked like an animal threw a New Year's Eve party in my apartment. I stepped in cautiously, he could still be inside. My eyes started to water when i read his message on the wall, in red spray paint.

                                              "I will find you and kill you."

  Was written on the wall near the window.

                                   "You can't hide forever."

  Was written on the kitchen door.

  I wiped the tears that sprung free from my eyes. I kneeled down to pick up my broken picture frame laying in a thousand pieces. I heard a soft knock, it was barley auidiable, but i heard it. I spun around fast, hoping it wasnt him. I saw Harry, standing in the door frame, his mouth set to a thin striaght line.

  "What?!" I snapped, I got up to my feet and confronted him face-to-face.

  "Face it Aubrey, you need my help." I wasnt even at eye level but i could tell that he was angry at my stubborn answers.

  "what would you do to help me huh? put me in some witness protection program? ha! like that would work," i scoffed while shoving him out the door.

   "No, i would kill him, and then you get to live peacefuly. i just need your help," I then connected the dots, he wants to use me as bait. ummmm no.

  "so you want to use me as bait to your trap! wow! do yourself a favor, and get a fucking life," i slammed the door in his face with pride. now i just have to clean up this mess of an apartment...

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