Best firends for ever right?

"You promised that we would keep in touch! You told me we would always be best friends! Was this all a lie?"

"We will always be best friends Lucy I promise you. When I leave for X-Factors we will stay in touch."


3. Old friends

Lucy's pov:

I was just starting work like any other day.  Only it wasn't really I didn't have my best friend bye my side. I missed Harry so much I really did. Only thing was that I didn't know how to get in touch with him. Just then I was getting ready my friend Amber came running into me almost dropping all the food she was holding on her trey. I looked at her and said, "Amber whats wrong?"

"Omg Lucy you wont believe this but Niall Horn form One Direction is here!!" "So whats so big about that." "Well I heard Harry joined a band Lucy maybe he knows where he is and the best part is that you get to wait his table!!! Omg your so lucky." I smiled not because I had to wait his table but because he might know where Harry is.

Niall's pov:

I was siting down with the lads trying to figure out what to order. "Okay Niall what do you think we should get Harry?" I was skimming the magi zen for something that Harry might like to eat. When I thought why not just call him up. I was on the phone with Harry when the waitress came up to take our order.

Lucy's pov:

I walked up to their table to see that the blond one was on the phone. I started to think to my self their just like any other famous perosn. Only what caught my eye was when he said, "Yea Harry okay I'll order that for that you." Harry was the only thing going threw my mind. "Um miss where ready to order now." The one with brown hair and blue eyes said to me.

"O yea im sorry what can I get you boys?" They all told me their orders one bye one until it was let to the blond one. I waited eager for him to order and say Harry's name again. He looked at me with his big blue eyes that reminded me of Harry's big green eyes and said with a heave Irish accent. "Um can I get two burgers one for here and one to go." I nodded my head and then walked away leaving them to goof off and talk about foot ball.

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