Best firends for ever right?

"You promised that we would keep in touch! You told me we would always be best friends! Was this all a lie?"

"We will always be best friends Lucy I promise you. When I leave for X-Factors we will stay in touch."


9. Hangin out

Lucy' pov:

The boy with blond hair and blue eyes came back here. What's his name again? NIALL!!! That's it. "Lucy I need you to come over here!" I heard my boss call me from the cash register. O boy what did I do now...... "Lucy their you  are this young man would like to talk to you." I looked over at the blond boy and he smiled and gave me a shy wave. I wonder where the others are? "Can I help you sir?" He smiled at me and said, "Well I think the question is more of like can I help you?" "What do you mean bye that?" "How would you like to come over for dinner tonight?" I was shocked bye this and I think my face turned to bright red because he started to laugh.

"Not like a date more like getting see an old friend again." What does he mean bye that? "What do you mean bye 'more like getting to see an old friend' Niall?" "Well its just that Harry wants you to come over but he's to shy to do it on his owen. So he sent me instead." Yup that sounds like Harry all right. "O well then in that case I would love to come over for dinner tonight. Only um I don't know where you live." "O it wont be at my flat it will be at Harry's flat. If you want I can stop bye your house later today and give you a ride their and then back to your house when your done." I smiled at him. "That sound nice Niall."

I took a peace of paper from my note pad and wrote down how to get to my house and what time to come. "Okay got it thanks Lucy ill see you at 9 then." He said as he walked out the door waving to me. I smiled and waved back to him. I cant believe that im really going to get see Harry again! I wonder if he's changed at all.

Niall's pov:

That went a lot more smoother then I thought it would go. I hoped in the car and stuffed the paper in my pocket.  Then I started to drive away and back to Harry's flat.  When I pulled in the drive way I hardly got a chance to get out of my car. "So is she coming?" "What time?" "What should I wear tonight?" "What was she like?" "Is the same or did she change?" "Wait you wound't know what she was like. Hahaha sorry I forgot." "Harry slow down. okay one thing at a time." I took a deep breath went into the house and sat down on the couch. Liam looked at me and smiled.

"So how did it go with her?" "O it went great she's coming to night she's very cute and sweet. Also I'm going to pick her up at 9 to bring her here cause she doesn't know how to get to his house." I smiled at Liam and then turned to face Harry. "As for your cloths question Harry. I think you should just dress up how you normally do. She's gonna like you more if your just you. So don't try to be someone your not okay Harry." Harry nodded at me and ran up stairs to get ready for tonight all ready. As for me I just sat down on the couch and watched telly for awhile.

Harry's pov:

Okay now that I know what where going to be doing tonight I just need to get an outfit picked out for the night.

*3 hours of searching threw the closet later*

I still couldn't find anything. O man what time is it now. * looks over at clock on night stand* "Its 8:49!!!!!!! all ready? O no that means Niall will be leaving soon to get Lucy for tonight. What am I going to wear?" I started to think back to what Niall said to me. "I think you should dress up how you normally do. She's gonna like you more if your just you. So don't try to be someone your not okay Harry." Dress how I normally do that's what ill do. I went into my closet and pulled out a plaid shirt. This looks better all ready.

Lucy's pov:

Its almost 9 which means that Niall should be on his way now to get me from my house. Okay let me just do a run threw of everything im going to need. purse check cloths check. All good to go now I just need to wait for Niall. I took my phone out to check the time when I noticed that Niall had put his number into my phone. I smiled at the number and called it. "Hello Niall Horan speaking how may I help you?" I laughed and said, "Hey its Lucy just calling to make sure your still coming tonight." "O hey Lucy yea im on my way to your house right now. Ill be their in a few minutes if your ready?" "yea ill be waiting out side for you." "Okay see you then." "Bye Niall"

I hung up and went to go wait out side for him. Just as he said he was here in a few. I climbed in the car and turned to face me. "Are you ready to go see him?" I shook my head tears in my eyes. "Yes I'm ready to go see Harry now." With that we left my house. 'I cant believe that im going to see him again after all this time.'

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