Best firends for ever right?

"You promised that we would keep in touch! You told me we would always be best friends! Was this all a lie?"

"We will always be best friends Lucy I promise you. When I leave for X-Factors we will stay in touch."


8. Friends or more?

Harry`s pov:

I went back up stairs grabbing my outfit that I had picked out. Then I ran down stairs again when it me.She doesn't now where I live. I turned to Niall who smiled at me. "What's wrong Harry?" I rolled my  him and said, "How is she going to know where to find us?" I looked at all the lads to see their faces turn red with emabarsment. They did not think this threw that's for sure. "Niall's going to give her your address when he invites her!" Was the first thing that Louis yelled at me. 

I jumped a bit causing him to laugh and  then I watched as Niall got up and ran out the door. "He's doin  it now! What Time is she coming then?" Zayn looked at me smiling now as he said, "Does it matter at all?" I looked at him ready to kill him as I said, "YES IT MAYTERS TO ME! I HAVEN'T SEEN HER SINCE WE WERE KIDS! NOT TO MENTIOM THAT I REALLY LIKE HER AND DON TV KNOW WHAY TO SAY WHEN O SEE HER AGAIN!" All of a sudden my face turned bright red because I just said all l of that out loud. This is going to be along year I told my self as the lads started to laugh like crazy.

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