Who You Thought You Knew

My names Amanda my best friends name is Zoe. I don't know how to put this in a non-bitchy way but were the popular girls. We even had relationships with the popular boys:one direction. You would think life's great right? We'll ur wrong. We'll u r now at least cause life was great. But then we end our relationships with one direction and our life's go to hell. Your probably wondering why? Well I'll tell you how. In the story I will at least.


1. How It Started

One day Zoe and I were sledding. A few weeks after my breakup with Niall. And Zoe's breakup with Zayn. We were about two miles out of the neighborhood. I insisted we go get hot chocolate but she wanted to keep sledding. So I was walking up to the snack shack when I heard "AMANDA HELP!!" I darted back to the hill. Only to see Zoe's arms flail in the air and three guys, about our age (16) holding her down. I could not think or yell for help. I only ran, faster then ever. I was about half way down the hill when I realized she was not flailing her arms. She was pointing behind me. I turn around and a guy about my age put a white cloth over my mouth. I couldn't move, or think. I took half a breath. And my world went black.


I woke up to the unpleasant sight of one of them dragging me up a hill. The other three carrying her a few steps behind us. Without thinking I weakly say "Are you dragging me up the hill?"

"Yes!" He harshly says.

"Well I'm no genius, but why did you push me down the hill if you had to drag me up again!" I regret saying that the second it happens. I see the bottom of his shoe quickly before it hits me in the face my world goes dark again.


I wake up handcuffed to a bench next to Zoe. I frantically shake her and she finally wakes up after I scream in her face. I notice she's holding a sharp piece in her hand from the sleigh. I pick it up and throw it. "Why did you throw it!" She yells

"Did you ever think that they could've planted that on you so when they kill us it was self defense!"

"Well no I didn't... Oh. My. God. We've been kidnapped!"

I blankly stare at her like she has five heads. Then say "No shit Sherlock! I see being a detective in your future!"

"If we even have a future" She says sorrowfully and looks down.

Everything was quit for a moment. But then I saw Zoe dive down on the ground, scavenging through the shining snow.

"Zoe, what the hell are you doing!"

"Searching for something sharp!"

Then a farmiliar Irish accent says "That won't be necessary love." Zoe and I both look up at him.

"LET US GO!" Zoe screams. Before she says anymore Niall lightly puts the rag over her mouth. She is quickly passed out and Niall lays her on the ground. He cuts her chain, looks to me and fear fills my body "I'll be back Amanda. I need to finish things off with Zoe." He says with a crooked smile. He drags her limp body farther and farther away from me until I can't see her anymore or Niall.

***Authors Note***

For part to you will start to learn more about why they are there and what they want from them and it makes you question some things but just keep reading and all the pieces to the puzzle will come together soon we promise!

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