Jungle Adventures

These are a collection of stories I wrote. They are aimed at young children and I was planning for illustrations to accompany each book. This would be by splitting each book into seven parts with a picture/illustration per page. I hope you or any younger siblings enjoy them.


6. Who Took It?

Poppy loved to eat bamboo sticks. As she was a panda this was quite normal. She went outside to the closest tree and searched for more bamboo to chew on.


Strangely, Poppy couldn’t find any.

“That’s strange.” she said, “There were loads here yesterday.”

Mollie came over and examined the tree too.

“Someone must have stolen it.” Poppy decided.


She set off to find out where the bamboo had gone. She came across strands of it on her way through the jungle.


Poppy soon found a huge den in which was a huge pile of bamboo. Behind it sat a small bear cub.


“Who are you?” Poppy asked curiously.

“Bella!” replied the bear.

Bella was new to the jungle so Poppy took Bella back to her home. They soon settled in together.

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