Jungle Adventures

These are a collection of stories I wrote. They are aimed at young children and I was planning for illustrations to accompany each book. This would be by splitting each book into seven parts with a picture/illustration per page. I hope you or any younger siblings enjoy them.


4. Mischief for Mollie

Mollie was a mischievous monkey. She loved to take things and hide them. Today was one of those days and a stripy scarf made her even more full of mischief.


Mollie grabbed the stripy scarf from the tree. She put it on the table while she thought about to do.


She ran out of the house and down to the swamp where Sian was resting.


“Sian, Sian!” Mollie cried. “Can you put this scarf on that rock in the centre of the swamp?”

“Yes” replied Sian.


Later, Katie was searching for her scarf and soon spotted it on the rock. Sian got it for her. Katie was very upset and wondered who had done it.


Mollie confessed, telling Katie she had felt really mischievous. Katie forgave Mollie and they went away arm in arm.

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