Jungle Adventures

These are a collection of stories I wrote. They are aimed at young children and I was planning for illustrations to accompany each book. This would be by splitting each book into seven parts with a picture/illustration per page. I hope you or any younger siblings enjoy them.


7. Friends United

The jungle animals were now all true friends. Bella had fitted in beautifully and they were all going out for the day.


A high wire course ran through the jungle and the animals wanted to try it out. Poppy and Evie were especially looking forward to it.


Katie and Sian went first, balancing along a wire, followed by Evie and Poppy and then Mollie, Lucy and Bella. It was a long way down and Bella felt scared.


They climbed Jacob’s ladder, sped through he trees and jumped the Leap of Faith. Every animal loved the adventure.


Katie, Sian, Evie, Poppy, Mollie, Lucy and Bella were real friends; in the jungle there would always be a chance to have lots of fun together.


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